Earn for your writing skills.


Finding it impossible getting digitally published on the large corporate sites? Get published, promote your writings and earn money by joining the CU Partner Program. Our goal is to create opportunities for you and remove the impersonal process of repetitive requests for publishing. We are here to help build your audience.

How does it work?

#1 Join the CU Partnership Program (yes, it’s free).

#2 Craft, build and develop your story.
#3 Submit your story for review by the CU Staff.
#4 Earn money when CU members spend time reading your work.
#5 Get paid monthly.


Original works.

The writing and images you share should be your own, free or used with permission or citation.

No advertising.

No advertising, please. Be sure your posts don’t sell other products and features, or include requests for donations. If you have a specific request that differs, please contact us.

Quality over clickbait.

CU readers are wanting substance and detail. We recommend sharing your best thinking instead of clickbait and fluff pieces.

Where our stories and your voice take shape... Beginning December 14th, 2020.

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