• Dave McGuire

Wildfire Arson, Unanswered Questions

Updated: Apr 15

The Clarksvillian

It's the wildfire season on the west coast. We know all-to-well the extent of damage wildfires can create due to the heavy forestry of the region. This year's season has a different feel and the under-reported arsonist activity throughout the region only perks up more ears. When considering the anarchists dominating the news in this same region, could any of these fires be man-made? Below is a documented review of the unusually active arson arrests and safety concerns throughout the Pacific Northwest.

September 2

Man arrested on arson allegation in wildfire west of Eugene, per deputies.

September 8th Man arrested, suspected of lighting fires in Marin County. Suspected in three arsons involving forestry.

September 9th

Woman accused of intentionally starting fires on Highway 101 arrested.

September 9th Security footage of what appears to be a vehicle leaving the scenes after a fire erupts in Graham, WA.

September 9th Eastern Washington woman arrested for starting fires while crews worked to fix fallen power lines.

September 9th A man seen starting fires at Oregon state park has been arrested according to a local fire chief. Peterson said a middle-aged man with arm tattoos was seen "lighting two fires in the bushes. While this fire was discovered and extinguished before it grew in size, the potential for the fire to have spread quickly was there,"

September 9th Madera County Sheriff in California make an arrest inside an evacuation zone of two people with guns and bomb making materials.

September 9th

A local Oregon police officer believes the fires are suspicious and possibly man-made.

September 9th

Below is a Facebook post from a Washington resident who claims to have witnessed a vehicle with Texas plates throw a flaming object out of their window. He believes they may have been involved with a fire near a local Target.

September 9th

A Washington man is charged with arson for starting a brush fire in a median of state Route 167.

September 10th Law enforcement launches criminal investigation into start of Alameda Fire, resulting death in southern Oregon.

September 10th Local Facebook page in Buckley Washington, has reports of people finding glass cups and paper around town, which could be used as a fire starting magnifying glass.

September 10th Woman overhears the police scanner in Oregon talking about a suspicious vehicle with Texas plates was seen throwing molotov cocktails out of it.

September 10th A couple of local women explain how they were told by the Clackamas County Sherriff's Office about individuals being arrested for intentionally setting fires. They were allegedly carrying "AR's" too.

September 10th Washington State Patrol catches two individuals trying to light grass on fire with matches at SR-512 and SR-7 with the help of a citizen who saw something and said something.

September 10th A Seattle woman posted a testimony stating her husband witnessed two individuals in gas masks near their home setting fire to a hay barrel.

September 11th A local man shows his cell phone video of individuals setting the forest on fire in Elk Rock Oregon with what seems to be a torch or aerosol can.

September 11th Witnesses recount a man driving a grey SUV involved in the lighting a barn on fire. When asked what was going on.. the individual fled.

September 10th

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office announces a suspect has been arrested on arson and other charges regarding a fire that was set during the Almeda Fire in the area of the railroad tracks in Phoenix, Oregon.