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Tennessee Interracial Couple Criticized for Dog Leash Wedding

The Clarksvillian

A Tennessee interracial bride and groom are facing backlash on social media after a controversial clip from their wedding shows the seemingly white bride escorting the groom, an apparent black man, into their reception on a dog leash.

The now-viral video which was shared by a TikTok user @Tennegee, has garnered more than 300k views on the video sharing platform.

In an interview with the New York Post, the TikToker said the couple, Trizzy Tra and Markenzie Alexander, hosted their wild wedding in Gallatin, Tennessee, on April 2. The video shows the newlyweds making their grand entrance into a small celebration hall to funk icon George Clinton’s 1982 party track “Atomic Dog.”

As the couple saunters into the center of the cheering wedding guests, the harnessed groom gets down on his knees, hands, and begins to crawl on the floor like a canine.

Per the footage, the groom goes on to sit back on his haunches and stick out his tongue, imitating a panting dog in heat. He then repositions himself like a dog on his hand and knees and mimes urinating on her leg.

You can find more here via the New York Post ...