• John Adams

Is UTA, OU Really Bad for the Vols?

Updated: Sep 7

The Clarksvillian

Speculation that Oklahoma and Texas were interested in joining the SEC rumbled through SEC Media Days like the Sooner Schooner taking the field in Norman.

The news first surfaced in a source-driven story by the Houston Chronicle on Wednesday afternoon. SEC commissioner Greg Sankey’s repeated “no comment” only gave more credence to the rumor. The consensus from media types was that expansion was a real possibility.

That's fine with me. I love the idea of the SEC adding programs like Oklahoma and Texas to a league that already is No. 1 in football and baseball and is gaining momentum in basketball. However, I can see where SEC football coaches might not celebrate the increased competition.

I also can imagine Tennessee fans cringing at the news. The Vols already are lagging way behind Georgia and Florida in the East and are being challenged to keep up with Kentucky and Missouri in their division.

The addition of Oklahoma and Texas likely would move Alabama and Auburn to the SEC East. Obviously, that wouldn’t ease Tennessee’s plight.

But consider the big picture.

The NCAA is on the verge of unraveling, so there’s never been a better time for power plays and conference realignment. If you would supersize the SEC with Oklahoma and Texas, it would dwarf every other conference. There would be an increase in SEC revenue as well as status.

So, ask yourself, “Would you rather play in the big leagues or the lesser leagues?” But if you want to assure yourself of a football championship, you could always join Conference-USA.