• Dave McGuire

4 Key Videos to Understand Ukraine's Crisis

The Clarksvillian

It is always best practice to understand an opponent's objectives prior to negotiation. In this instance, it may be easier to simply let people speak for themselves. Below are four short clips to help explain the unfortunate crisis that has been unfolding in Ukraine.

NATO and the Borders

As far back as 1997, President Biden clearly understood the challenges of NATO extending itself to the Russian border by admitting Ukraine as a member state. Below is a fairly accurate assessment by then Senator Joe Biden regarding the potential of giving Putin an excuse to act.

Warnings of the Wrong Path Being Taken

American democrat strategist, John Mearsheimer, spoke about the fragile state of Ukraine in 2015. He emphasized the likely outcomes due to a culture of corruption by western elites.

US Moves Nuclear Weapons to Eastern Bloc

In 2016, the United States moved nuclear weapons from Turkey to a NATO military installation in Romania. The explanation centered around the need to remove weapons from a base in Turkey, due to deteriorating relationships with the Turkish government. The problem? The new location was now an Eastern Bloc country and viewed as a direct threat by Russia.

Corruption Knows Corruption

The United States used financial leverage over Ukraine to pressure this dismissal of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Vicktor Shokin. The government's investigations were tied to multiple corruption and influence from western backed governments and corporations - primarily Burisma Oil. This change in leadership began the dominoes of change that resulted in the Russian government claiming corruption with a resulting coup.