• Eric Fisher

Tim Pool's Podcast Changes Direction

The Clarksvillian

Something unexpected happened over the past 24 hours within the new media circles. The wildly popular podcast “TImCastIRL” announced a parting of ways with co-host Adam Crigler. The announcement took TimCast’s 587k subscribers by surprise, leaving his sizable subscriber’s response as still unknown.

The news of Crigler’s departure leaked onto social media through a simple tweet announcing his departure. To his credit, Crigler did not back away from online questions and answered many, while maintaining a clear emphasis on future projects. Speculation of the reasons for change have ranged from potential financial implications with Adam’s increasing interest in “Q” – for which Youtube has little hesitation in their murky demonetization policy - or the daily content of the show gradually developing more of a grey area as editorial or strictly partisan content. As Adam has shifted into more of an open supporter of President Trump, Tim appears to find obstacles with efforts to steer the show back towards the center or pre-planned topics. The concerns over content balancing may ultimately be Tim’s goal, as plans to launch his own media network continue to evolve.

Adam is independently preparing to launch his own program tentatively titled “AdamCast”. It's expected there will be further explanations and developments as he carries a substantial TimCast audience onto his channel. However, keep your excitement and gossip gauge in check. The reasons may simply prove to be very mundane and all too typical.

One thing remains clear in this entire mess. You will not hear details from Tim, as he quickly pivots the show and works to avoid any negative relations with the audience... or his future investors.