• Dave McGuire

TN Facing Lockdown Lawsuits

The Clarksvillian

The irony of the state capital's covid-19 lockdown corruption being leaked on Constitution Day isn't lost on the public.

There was a substantially high number of private business owners in Tennessee already arguing the lockdown restrictions violated constitutional rights. It’s now been revealed our state capital’s mayor and officials have been dishonest with reasons for justifying closures of private businesses. You need a “very, very good reason and justification” for limiting freedom and fundamental liberties, says Noah Feldman, a law professor at Harvard Law School. Doesn’t this discovery throw into question the justifications and cause root decision making of public officials from the governor down to the small-town mayors?

Decisions by Governor Lee, Mayor Cooper and local mayors to place communities in near-lockdowns, as a means of combating COVID-19, have created debates regarding their consistency with the U.S. Constitution or violation of freedoms promised in the Bill of Rights. Stating the obvious, the freedom and constitutionality argument is best made when the information is honest – which is now highly questionable. The number of recalls for governors and mayors around the country continues to grow day-by-day. It’s likely Tennessee will participate in the increase of those numbers after Fox Nashville’s report.

Internal memos show Nashville's mayor was clearly targeting the wrong places per his own contact tracing data. The hot spots of activity were found in the construction industry and not the city's massive hospitality industry. The spike from mass gatherings provides an interesting data point as well. That spike happened during the protest organized by Mayor Cooper's office - with that same protest turning into a riot which shook downtown, crushed tourism and embarrassed the city worldwide. With this new information the concerns of political motivations driving public officials, at the expense of residents, needs investigated statewide. And as disappointing as it may sound to long time Tennesseans? We may need media from outside the state to assist.

Now the question being asked is “when” not “if” lawsuits will be filed relating to the extended lockdown and restrictions. From the city of Nashville, metro, Montgomery County and beyond – there are serious questions to ask government officials.

Will our media ask those questions statewide and locally or will they work to excuse the actions of Nashville's officials?