• Dave McGuire

Proud Marxism on Full Display

The Clarksvillian

Playwright George Bernard Shaw is credited with saying; “Every man deserves to be judged in the context of his times.”

If you’ve spent any time with history books, you've probably heard the story of Egyptian Pharaoh Tuthmosis III and his orders to destroy all public monuments dedicated to his predecessor Pharaoh Hatshepsut. The story is one of the most widely taught lessons around the world, but it wasn’t the first instance of iconoclasm. The political actions of destroying the memory of anyone, or anything, standing as an obstacle to gaining power is a timeless story.

The US protests have risen to the level of questioning the Founding Fathers. The current protesters are working through presidents, anti-slavery activists and civil rights supporters based almost exclusively on emotional directions. However, debates regarding the founders uncover a lack of knowledge and failure to understand the political realities of that time. Example? Any attempt to abolish slavery in 1787 would’ve forced a disunion of the United States into 2 or 3 confederacies, with each being hostile to one another. Would the quality of life for indentured servants and slaves improved if the confederacy were established 50 years prior to the Civil War? It’s a hard question. And that decision is compounded by considering the predatory nature of many European countries witnessing a break-up. Had the US broken apart, you can be assured armies would arrive from Europe to colonize and claim new territory.

The lack of consistency regarding reasons for statue removals has even reached DC’s Emancipation Memorial - Lincoln. This monument was suggested by a former slave, Charlotte Scott, who sent the first $5 she earned in freedom as the initial statue contribution. The funds for this memorial were almost financed exclusively by freedmen with a bulk stemming from black Union veterans of the Civil War. The largest group contribution for this memorial? A donation by a regiment of buffalo soldiers from the state of Kansas. It's important to note, on the 11th anniversary of President Lincoln's death, with over 25,000 people in attendance, a former slave Frederick Douglass delivered the keynote address with both the public and national leaders in attendance. To minimize this statue is a purposeful action or willful ignorance of history.

The topic of cultural revolutions led by “the people” is an interesting topic. You can easily search histories of these revolutions and find repeating patterns of unpleasant endings. If you'd prefer something more modern, try a keyword search of Venezuela's “revolution”. The outcome parallels the disastrous results mirrored in the USSR, North Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam to name a few. And no, there's no minimization of the tyrannically sci-fi government control China has created for their residents.

To balance information, I reviewed a list of countries ranging from hardline socialist, communist, and ideological regimes. After finishing, it became abundantly clear how unique the American system stands out among the world’s nations. Let’s take a different angle and remove ourselves from the American culture for a similar experience. We’ll stay within the same revolutionary mode, only a similar situation.


The Revolutionary Red Guards chose Confucius (551–479 BC) as the symbol of their oppression during the latter half of the 20th century. Many people continued to worship Confucius as an outstanding teacher and philosopher who established a system of morality and conduct that dominated China for 2,000+ years. His approach to everyday life was widely regarded as the ultimate embodiment of the Chinese culture and his influence was a clear obstacle to the Chinese Government.

In 1966, Tan Houlan, founder of the Red Guard at elite Peking University, led an army of the Red Guard to Confucius’s hometown, family cemetery and current residences - Qufu. Local revolutionaries arrived and forced the town to hire 300 workers to assist the Red Guards for their planned destruction of Confucius’ properties. The local government quickly paid the money, believing their agreement would remove them from the group's wrath. They were wrong - as most would suspect.

Is it any surprise these destructive events are historically led by well-educated individuals? American author Cynthia Ozick once wrote, “Stupid mobs are spurred by clever goaders: The book burners were inspired by the temperamentally bookish — who else could know which books to burn?”

In late November of that year, after the completion of the Red Guard's rally titled “Annihilate the Kong Family Business”, the Confucius destruction event began. Confucius' statue was the cornerstone of town and was targeted to be torn down immediately. Afterwards, the statue was paraded around town, with locals strongly "encouraged" to spit, throw things, or yell negative comments about the ugliness of Confucius’ history. Relics that couldn’t be burned were smashed into pieces. And that wasn’t all...

The Red Guard also decided to dig up the first 3 generations of Confucius’ family to fully eliminate their existence. Their last targets were identified as Confucius, his sons, and grandsons, as well as the last three generations of Confucius’s direct lineage. Those Red Guards were then confidently prepared to declare Confucius’s family was destroyed “from beginning to the end” for the sake of the people's revolution.

According to a Qufu report, “the first day the grave was flattened, the second a 3-meter deep trench was dug, but by the third, the rebels ran out of patience and used dynamite to blow up the site. Corpses were mutilated and displayed for days before being thrown into ditches and burned."

The final total of damage consisted of 100,000 volumes of classical texts, which included 1,700 rare items being burned, as well as the destruction or vandalism of approximately 6,618 cultural artifacts. The unoriginal and insecure goal was to remove the memories of anything that existed before us.

This past June a California based statue of Catholic Saint Junipero Serra was torn down with one supporter calling for his bones to be dug up and desecrated. Sound familiar?

Now with the television playing in the background, I can hear the discussion about a memorial to black Union soldiers being vandalized and a monument to three black victims of racial violence also being defiled. The specific examples of misguided demands are endless at this point. A movement to correct injustices related to police brutality has been hijacked and turned into a movement of violence, looting, and vandalism. In this disturbingly ironic takeover, peaceful protest attempts by African Americans have been flipped upside down and distorted by the larger political group following the Marxist philosophy.

Looking for reasons to understand why the George Floyd focused protests have spun widely out of control and focus has changed? Follow the money..