• David Andrews

Is Socialism Misunderstood or Embraced?

The Clarksvillian

It’s not a very cleverly hidden agenda when the Democrat Party fights against Cubans fleeing communism for entry into the US for safe harbor and a future. Simultaneously, that same Democrat Party supports illegal immigration from countries throughout North and South America as they safely cross the open southern US border. This recurring specter of communism strategically hides, so even those that practice it won’t call it by name.

Saul Alinsky’s playbook, “Rules for Radicals,” teaches subversiveness by redefining words and vocabulary meanings. The term “progressivism” conjures up images of positivity and progress rather than more accurate images of a totalitarian police state. Modern politicians such as Sanders and Cortez work diligently to portray socialism as a government of kindness and love. A never ending and misleading stump speech about taking care of others with the minimization of personal responsibility. The media representation of a socialist, communist society portraying everyone as maintaining the lifestyle of the upper class and not the opposite – which is socialisms true nature.

Public education, corporate media, television / movie entertainment, corporate business, and especially Big Tech, are openly aligned with the Democrat Party. Each of these institutions combines to function as a totalitarian shadow regime machine, crafting narratives that advance agendas and suppress opposing views. This may not look like a totalitarian regime from the exterior, but it certainly functions as one. In the past there was violence, today there is canceling. The riots of 2020 are the perfect case study to observe each wing of the progressive party coming together. The progressive allies worked together to light each of the flames that gave birth to the fiery riots. Their intellectual leaders justified the riots; their corporate donors gave billions to the Black Lives Matter Network; their media looked the other way; and their politicians, from Joe Biden on down, fanned the flames. This all goes without mentioning donation funding to BLM being funneled to Democrat Party's ActBlue or the payoff to BLM leaders. You'll find the specific wording of fact checks stating the donations did not go directly to the democrat party. Remember Alinsky's teachings? The media didn't bat an eye, or report, Connecticut’s Senator Richard Blumenthal was the keynote speaker for the American Communist Party. The topic was destroying the American capitalist economy.

Efforts to transform the United States into a socialist, communist form of government economy have been known for decades. One of the earliest public pronouncements arrived through an interview with KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov. The themes of authoritarian socialist countries provide an obvious pattern: Joseph Stalin's purge, with millions of citizens being murdered. Mao's Revolution included tens of millions dying. Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge and murderous madmen like Cuba's Che Guevara were the ongoing reflections of the established pattern. Communism is the enforcement of central planning through ever-increasing brutality in the name of the "common good". That "common good" always, ironically, consistently enriches those in power and impoverishes all other citizens.

Each of the ugly facts relating to communism have been removed from the American public education system. Most of those witnessing communism and are no longer with us. The basis isn’t a concern of communism being totally hidden from the public's view, it's the concern of people not believing its true nature. An excellent example can be found in "The Frog and the Scorpion".

An argument can be made the heart of the USSR only reorganized and did not dissolve. Vladimir Putin is a perfect example of retooled Soviet leadership. The Tomb of communist leader Vladimir Lenin remains a prized landmark in Moscow, along with an enormous statue of Karl Marx. The people of Russia tore down Soviet statues throughout the Soviet Union after the collapse, but the government protected those two landmarks. Americans simply do not know enough about communism to understand that significance and how it manifests itself in the US. Writing in The Tablet, Mary Mycio notes we have “a certain herd immunity to Nazism and fascism.” But not to communism. Most people do not view China as a communist country. A few people try to say this, pointing to the state’s genocidal wars on its people, like the Uygurs. But few seem to care.

“After a generation of forgetting,” Mycio writes, “we have few cultural T-cells left to recognize coercive unanimity, punitive group think, and other warning signs when they appear in the body politic.” She lived in communist Ukraine and watched the Soviet Union fall after 70 years of tyranny. She wrote a book about the Chernobyl disaster, which exemplified the Soviet system. “Americans and others across the West,” she writes, “have simply forgotten about it all, or never learned about it in the first place.”

A notable example was presented by David Mills.

“A few years ago, I found a Red Army cap for sale in a thrift store. Here was a symbol of one of the worst regimes in human history, maybe the very worst one ever. Someone had bought it and worn it. The clerk at the thrift store put it on the rack for sale. I’m sure no one gave it a second thought. It was just a hat.
That big red star on the front is like a swastika. It means the murder of 65 million people the way the swastika means the murder of 6 million Jews. Would that clerk have taken a Nazi hat out of the donation bin, looked at the swastika, priced it, and put it into the hat rack? Not a chance.”

It would appear a sizable percentage of the public does not give much thought to the reality of communism. It a strange twist when their worries focus on other individuals with concerns about the historical dangers of communism. How many people realize the media's joyful nickname of "Uncle Joe" Biden is a hat tip to the original "Uncle Joe" Stalin? Exactly.

Realizing there are a considerable number of people who think about communism is both encouraging and disappointing. Unfortunately, they don’t worry about communism - they worry more about others worrying about the dangers of communism than communism itself.