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Is it possible Schism's upcoming show may be remembered as one of the best in Warehouse history? it's been a grind and the rewards of developing a reputation are becoming more and more visible to The Warehouse's audience.

It's a strange comment that needs re-read for verification. Could a tribute band be more memorable at an intimate venue than POD, Saliva, Art of Anarchy, Hinder, Bret Michaels, Crowbar, Buckcherry, Creed's Scott Stapp, Blue Oyster Cult, Seven Mary Three etc etc? What if you learned Schism is the only tribute band officially endorsed by rock legends known as TOOL? How about the only tribute band playing annual events with Alex Grey? Have your attention now?

I'm not the first person recommending a tribute show and advising others of such just isn’t my thing. We've all been to shows, only to watch a group of musicians work songs like they were rehearsing music scales. Songs have a natural feel for sound, and often lookalike acts seem lost with that crucial missing aspect needed to build audience connections. At the end of those nights, it just feels like a very superficial experience. Knowing my opinions, a friend from NY has reached out multiple times to encourage giving Schism a listen. Why not.

Monday was a perfect day for music with an errand filled afternoon in Nashville. After spending the day driving and listening to Schism, it all washed away. This is not a "tribute" band - this is a legit, high-end band choosing to play another band's music for stout three hour sets. The best part of the show for Tool fans? The band takes on any song from the Tool catalog by live request! Their sound can best be summed up by the below clip, showing a foundational respect for their work. This informal session has Schism performing at the home of Tool's internationally renowned artist, Alex Grey, along with Tool drummer Danny Carey’s tabla instructor Aloke Dutta. All cozied up within the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors: Jam Session

The Warehouse audience will find the guys of Schism have earned their reputations as road warriors that bring a tight sound night after night. And with 2021 representing their 20th year of touring – it’s easy to understand why songs like “Forty Six & 2”, “Third Eye”, “Sober”, “Lateralus”, “Ænema”, “Parabol” and, of course, “Schism” have near studio session quality.

The expected heavy demand for entertainment following the 2020 Covid19 nightmare is predictable. We all have a high comfortable level with the band returning to Middle Tennessee sometime soon. Who wants the headache of fighting for tickets. Come on, who are you kidding? Save the half-truths for your girlfriends, wives, boyfriends and husbands. Buying a ticket within an hour of Nashville is always a hassle for strong bands. It's simply never going to change - and you should appreciate its meaning. Take some advice and do yourself two favors:

  1. Pair up your Bluetooth and get familiar with a Schism playlist on Youtube...

  2. Take 30 seconds and lock into tickets for the Schism show, May 22nd at The Warehouse...

Now relax for the next few weeks, knowing your ticket has been punched for memorable night.

The band members of Schism are..

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