• Dave McGuire

Rogan Wasn't Austin's Pied Piper

Updated: Apr 14

The Clarksvillian

All we've heard for the last few months was how Joe Rogan planned to relocate the stand-up industry from LA and create a new capital in Austin, Texas. When push came to shove, it hasn't quite worked out like everyone expected. And It's hard to believe Joe hasn't also been a little surprised by the decisions.

Joe has completed the process of relocating his family and business to Austin. The talk and gossip surrounding his flight from the Republic of California is now history and forever to be debated on social media. JRE’s new studio is up and running with additional plans swirling about a potential purchase of an Austin area comedy club. Lastly, JRE fans can rest easy knowing Joe’s BFFs, Alex Jones and Tim Kennedy, will be local drop-ins at any time.

According to Joey Diaz, Rogan was extremely active with financial offers to his comedy world friends to incentivize them to join him in Austin. Diaz commented, “it was an offer too good to refuse, but I did.” It would seem California is falling into greater turmoil by the hour, right? The stand-up industry is taking a huge blow during the process and it has created an atmosphere of anxiety.

Let's take a look at the latest information regarding the stand-up relocation. The destinations are listed below their names..

Ari Shaffir

New York City, NY

Shaffir bolted LA several years ago and headed home to a comfortable NYC setting. Shaffir seems relatively stable in New York due to it being home and not just another career ladder destination. That typed, rumors continue about his professional options and personal interest in relocation. His good friend, Joe Rogan, was rumored to have offered an opportunity and new home for Ari in South Texas. At the same time, Ari was being linked to Nashville again - which has happened on multiple occasions over the years. Home is home.. and with Shaffir’s confirmation of giving up tge chase for movies and TV appearances? I lean towards Ari staying home in New York.

Bert Kreischer

Austin, Texas

Kreischer hasn’t been in Southern California very long and his considerations of about another move may sound surprising. Bert's touring schedule is legendary, but also draining on his personal life. In an odd twist, Bert may have finally found some flexibility with the success of his podcast. The Kreischer family is currently looking for property in Texas and the plan is to relocate by year’s end. His reasons for moving are similar to Rogan's previously discussed thoughts on the topic of relocating to South Texas. So, yes. You'll begin to see more-and-more of Kreischer on the JRK Podcast and at Joe's future Austin comedy club.

Brendan Schaub

Los Angeles, California

And you thought Schaub was waffling on the move to Texas, right? Brendan has confirmed he’s not moving the family and in-laws to Texas. For all the critiques of his relatively young comedic career, Schaub has always shown level head for business decisions. The recent slide of TFATK ratings has Schaub in a tough spot. If stays in LA, he can wait to work with Callen again and occasionally partner with Theo Von during his return visits. Josh Wolf's upcoming move and the inability to secure a top end talent for TFATK podcast may push Brendan into some much needed quiet time to plan his next moves.

Bryan Callen

Nashville, Tennessee

To say Callen’s situation has become complicated is an understatement. A divorce, career troubles and potential legal troubles have his future tied to multiple issues. Callen was a big proponent of relocated to Texas from California, but hinted at second thoughts when speaking with Dave Rubin. It may benefit Callen to remain close to the entertainment industry’s heart, allowing him to maximize opportunities while trying to get his career back on track. And for all the comedy bits, he seems far too involved with his children to make the move right now. With that bit of insight set to the side? Callen has openly discussed taxes and cost of living pushing him towards a move to the Music City for a project with his long time comedic friend Steve Byrne.

Chris D'Elia

Los Angeles, California

Where to start with Chris? When the accusations hit, they hit hard. D'Elia has essentially gone into hiding with his family and there are no signs of his wanting to leave Los Angeles - or the security of his home.

His recent "comeback" took a hit with a combo of covid-19 closings in Florida and an additional allegation in the past week. In the best of times, he defines the LA scene. In the worst of times, he kinda defines the LA scene too.

Duncan Trussell

Los Angeles, California

What's going on with the South Dakota tease? Duncan has maintained for all his love-hate relationship issues with LA, he's staying put. You'll here him talk about moving to NYC, Texas or Nashville and quietly backtrack with a grin. Duncan's comments about relocating have become part of a wink 'n nod bit with the audience. It's clear he enjoys the LA industry grind and is willing to work through the issues. After all, he's just a man with a "fetish for high taxes and property values".

Eddie Bravo

Los Angeles, California

A step closer to the Infowars studio? How can Eddie resist the pull of Austin and the world of Alex Jones? Eddie's potential move didn't appear to be about pursuing a permanent career in comedy; Eddie's move was more about making a change with a friend and growing his brand. Will he still dabble in the comedic world? Would Joe's new comedy club give him the comedic option, no question. The real focus will be his martial arts business. Look for Eddie to substantially expand his 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu operation and it's national influence in coming years.. based in Southern California.

Joey Diaz

New Jersey, Metro NYC

The only guy in the country with earning power that's looking to buy into the NYC metro real estate market. Joey has made clear his move is about getting back to family and roots. Where he retires is more about being happy and not as much about the weather or taxes linked to traditional retirement destinations. He's also given Lee a guilt free blessing to move on professionally now that their podcast has ended. On the side, Rogan says it will only take one Jersey winter before Joey will be ready to accept a free house in the Austin area. We'll need to check back..

Josh Wolf

Nashville, Tennessee

Josh's recent comments lead you to believe his move will be Nashville – although it may not be a permanent one. The preferred first choice would be Vegas, but the unknown extent of the pandemic restrictions makes Vegas a tough place to call home as an entertainer. Josh clearly has a love for Nashville and that makes the move more likely. As an empty-nester, he and his wife now have options.

Look for a possible long-term move to Vegas in the coming years.

Sam Tripoli

Los Angeles, California

He’s on the fence and may get tossed, no pun intended. Sam sounds like someone committed to making life work in Los Angeles. The relocation question has been answered by simply saying, “with each move, I just keep climbing the comedy latter in LA.” He’s leaving open the relocation option and it may change with the consideration to his young family. Can Sam resist the temptation of a potential partnerships with Alex Jones' well oiled InfoWars machine? There's also talk of Callen having some sway with Nashville as a landing spot for Tripoli. For now, let's keep him slotted for LA.

Theo Von

Nashville, Tennessee

Theo has kept low key on his plans, but his friends weren't as tight-lipped. Rogan, Schaub and Diaz have all commented on Theo’s free time being spent in Nashville looking at real estate. They’ve all hinted it’s just a country boy wanting a more familiar culture as a primary reason. Theo believes the Nashville area has the all-around celebrity base to support his show and an occasional remote would be an easy option. Judging from his first podcast in Nashville, he's already settled into the city.

Tom Segura

Austin, Texas / Los Angeles, California

Segura has again started talking about relocation. He’s another guy openly looking at Texas property for a change. Tom’s previously mentioned an interest with relocating to Austin, so this recent real estate search seems like a thoughtful decision and should not be completely unexpected. Where else could he move after narrowing the list to hesitant Colorado and Florida?

And in the end, much like Duncan Trussell, you have to wonder if moving is just a passing conversation.

Tim Dillon

Austin, Texas

"Moving to Austin feels like a retirement move."

In a very blunt way, with Austin having 3 comedy clubs that historically struggle with the biggest acts, it may very well end up as a retirement move for Dillon.