• Dave McGuire

Transcript: Rogan Explains Cali Split

Updated: Apr 15

The Clarksvillian

"I'm outta here. I just thought it's this place. It’s crazy that the lockdown still exists, right?

There's the homelessness (issue) that’s completely out of control. There's the overpopulation problem that’s also out of control. Just the way they're handling these problems is so bad. I'm upset with the federal government's handling of this coronavirus too.

So many people are just financially screwed right now. I think people should be, and I don't wanna say people should be held accountable, but I think people should make decisions based on the way the place they live handles these really difficult problems. And the solution they've come up with in California is to jack-up taxes! The most recent solution was to increase taxes 54%! You (government) guys are out of your minds. That’s even retroactively applied back to January. That proposal is crazy and it's not going to fix anything. We’re bankrupt - this state is bankrupt because they're incompetent. They're not going to become more competent if you give them more money, you know? They've managed the money they’ve received very poorly. They already had high taxes to begin with - there's a 13.5% state income tax here in California and the place is still broke.

This is a very telling and dangerous time in a lot of ways. It's very challenging and it exposes a lot of things. And one of those things it exposes? I don't particularly like the way things are run here in California and don't like being in a place that has such a high population either. I think there's a real problem with living somewhere with 20,000,000 people and 40,000,000 in the whole state. It's just so crazy. There are so many people here. The only thing that’s really kept me around has been The Comedy Store and my friends. Now a lot of my friends are bailing, and I mean a lot. They’re going all over the place. My friend Joey (Diaz)'s moved to New Jersey. Theo Von is moving, I think, to Nashville. And a lot more of my friends are talking about Texas. People are just bailing and there's a mass exodus from California right now.

I just want a change too, you know. I want to live in a place where it rains. That's another thing, it's very unhealthy living in a place where it's always sunny. It gives you a really delusional perspective on things. People move from other places and love the change.

When people come from somewhere else like Toronto, it's sunny all the time. They’re like "this is amazing!" After a while it gives you a distorted view of nature and I think that's one of the reasons why people in Los Angeles are so delusional. They very rarely have to deal with actual nature. I always felt like there was something really humbling about growing up in Boston. It just he got so cold and snowed so much! You just knew there were certain times when you had to submit to nature. You had to huddle inside with 2 feet of snow outside. People just stayed home and, you know, hung out with family. We played games and did what you had to do because no one's going anywhere. The roads are shut down and they have to plow and that takes days. There’s something about that life understanding that sometimes you’ll be at the beck and call or the will of nature. That doesn't exist in California. Every 20 years or so we get a wake-up call when the Earth shakes and buildings fall down. Then you’ll hear “I gotta get outta here”. People move out and a couple years later when they come back, they’ve forgotten a bunch of people moved in and it gets overcrowded again. This is one of the first years, I think, where California didn't grow in population and that's very strange 'cause every year California's population just keeps growing and growing and growing. And now they’re saying this is one of the very first years in recent memory when it's not growing. So many people are leaving that it's actually not growing. Ha! Change is good thing, OK.

Once things are back to normal, whatever normal is going to be, I would be happy to come back every now and then. We're going to keep this studio for a while. I'll visit The Comedy Store and still do shows there. I miss all my friends working and performing there, so I I'm sure I'll be in town at least a few times a year."