• Charles S. Meek

RFK Jr's Book is a Critique of Fauci

The Clarksvillian

In his book “The Real Anthony Fauci,” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. accuses Fauci, throughout his lengthy career, of being guilty of appropriating public funds for his own enrichment, fraud, corruption, foisting experimental and harmful drugs on unsuspecting people, and even extensive atrocities and genocide from his drug projects. Neither does Bill Gates escape Kennedy’s wrath.

Documented by page after page of endnotes. Below are a few important quotes from the book:

• “Tony Fauci basically created this template that he then used over the next 45 years to develop toxic drug after toxic drug. He killed preliminary treatment and killed any protocol that competed with his pharmaceutical enterprise. A lot of people have died [as a result].”

• “Dr. Fauci’s trump card was his capacity to enlist mainstream and social media companies to make reporting of injuries and deaths [from the vaccine] disappear from the airwaves, newspapers, and the Internet, and therefore from the public consciousness.”

• “Vaccines are one of the rare commercial products that multiply profits by failing. Each new booster doubles the revenues from the initial jab.”

• “Under this rule, the FDA must assume people who take the [Pfizer] vaccine have a 42.8% increased risk of dying.”

• “Health workers have administered many billions of vaccines during the past thirty-two years, yet in just eight months, the COVID vaccines have injured and killed far more Americans than all other vaccines combined over three decades. According to CDC’s fatality data, a COVID vaccine is 98 time more likely to kill than a flu vaccine. A recent peer-reviewed study in the high-gravitas ‘Elsevier Journal Toxicology Reports’ found that COVID-19 vaccines kill more people in each age group than they save.”

• “Fauci is urging that kids will be vaccinated in schools without parental consent, despite a mountain of evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines are killing American children and bestow on them no benefits.”

• “On September 10, 2021, an ABC affiliate in Detroit solicited stories on its Facebook page about unvaccinated people who had died from COVID. Instead, the network got something they did not want over 230,000 messages containing heartbreaking stories of injuries and deaths from vaccines. None of these communications were reporting deaths among unvaccinated. Readers shared the post over two hundred thousand times in ten days.”

• I’ve been interviewing scientists for a long time in this country and let me tell you something. There are two kinds: Those who are serfs of Anthony Fauci and those who are genuine scientists. Fauci’s vendetta system has many ways of crushing the natural scientific impulse.” (Celia Farber)

• “Pharmaceutical companies routinely pay extravagant royalties to Dr. Fauci and his employees and to NIAID itself.”

• “’Instead of a regulator and a regulated industry, we now have a partnership. That relationship has tilted the agency [HHS] away from a public health perspective to an industry friendly perspective.’ [Dr. Michael Carome]. Dr. Fauci is the human face of this corrupt dynamic. Dr. Fauci seems willing only to give us diagnoses and cures that benefit Big Pharma―instead of public health and to cover his trail with artifice.”

• “Dr. Fauci’s perennial biographer, Charles Ortleb, analogized Dr. Fauci’s pathological mendacity to the sociopathic con men Bernie Madoff and Charles Ponzi.”

• “Something about Dr. Fauci allows him to escape responsibility for his steady parade of sketchy decisions, his confident claims unsupported by scientific evidence, his relentless cascade of lies and failed prediction, and his miserable track record for keeping Americans healthy.”

• “The missing records included a logbook that appeared to have documented the study’s worst atrocities before its mysterious disappearance.”

• “Gates’s blockbuster African and Asian vaccines―polio, DTP, hepatitis B, malaria, meningitis, HPV, and Hib―cause far more injuries and deaths than they avert.”