• Dave McGuire

5 Sports Podcasts on the Up

The Clarksvillian

Sometimes the homogeneous world of corporate sports talk radio gets too much for any of us to handle. The safe talking points, tired topics and trivia contests remind listeners of the movie Groundhog Day. In today's world of Bluetooth options, it's too easy to turn the dial to programs willing to be different. During my recent drives, I've found these five to be entertaining changes of pace for the daily traffic grind.

The Chris Vernon Show

If you’ve never heard the Memphis based Chris Vernon Show, you’re missing out. Vernon has been rumored to have turned down offers from every major market in the country for a preference to staying in his adopted hometown of Memphis. And there's good reason those offers from larger markets have come knocking on his Bluff City door. Vernon's personal connections in the sports community opens windows into the uber unique world of professional athletes. You'll hear actual personalities and entertaining personal stories from a very different perspective than you'll hear with the same people on other networks. Don’t cheat yourself any longer and give Chris a listen during your next commute.

Sports Wars

Sports Wars is a business that’s clearly taken advantage of the larger audience opportunities during the recent Covid lockdowns. In contrast to nearly every other independent sports media company, they’ve shown substantial growth without active sports. Following the lead of the Outkick operations and voicing an openly disagreeable voice with the mainstream sports media, Jeremy Prime and Ryan Kinel have built a following of nearly 70k followers on Youtube overnight.

The Florida Panhandle based operation is sports centric, but unafraid of addressing the issues major networks avoid. Whether its questioning calls, virtue signaling or whisper rumors, these guys pull no punches.

Black & White Sports

The name of Black & White Sports with John Matrixx and Rhodes Rants could have a variety of meanings in today’s social environment. B&W Sports is another media brand clearly influenced by the Outkick business plan of Clay Travis. Both hosts present sports radio, political and cultural podcast discussions. As a result, expect to regularly experience a crossover of the politics in sports to balance the drumbeat views of the mass media. In short, If Brietbart had a sports division you’d expect these guys to be involved.

Maybe you’ve heard them? During the pandemic and sports related drama, this duo has built a Youtube subscriber list approaching 50k. What else would you expect from a couple of Texas guys?

Minus Three with Shek

Dave Dameshek is longtime sports/comedy broadcaster & writer who has toiled at the NFL Network, ESPN Radio & ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’. This Yinzer makes little to zero effort to hide his hometown fan roots of Pittsburgh. Geoff Schwartz is a former New York Giants, Carolina Panthers & Oregon Ducks offensive lineman whose passion for sports is rivaled only by his passion for gambling on sports. Together, these guys bring you an entertaining BS session known as Minus Three with Shek.

Dave and Geoff provide listeners access to the best bets every week on the sports calendar, with a slightly leaning focus on teams representing Pennsylvania and New Jersey (along with divisional rivals). Are Shek & Schwartz homers? Maybe.

VIP Sports Las Vegas

VIP Sports Las Vegas founder, Steve Stevens explains himself in a very direct and easy-to-understand why: “I’m not a bookie, I’m the bookie killer.”

Stevens has made television appearances throughout the country and hosts the VIP Sports Las Vegas Podcast, a weekly conversation about sports gambling and entertainment news, where he interviews athletes and celebrities.

Steve Stevens has more than doubled the business at VIP Sports in the past 2 years, earning the reputation as the best sports consultant money can buy.

Green Light with Chris Long

The Green Light podcast appears the listener actually being treated as part of a team. Smart, funny, and detailed, delivered with a bit of the goofy buddy personality. The podcast has exceeded a half million views since its rollout late last year. The host, former Philadelphia Eagle Chris Long, brings a consistent dose of insight with a relaxed and unforced feel. If you’re looking for incredible guests and cool talking points for the next gathering of friends... Green Light is definitely worth a listen.