• Eric Fisher

Most Overheard Pro-Con Lists for Masks

The Clarksvillian

We’ve all been bombarded by Facebook memes and messages. Everyone has an opinion and those persons on the fence feel trapped from the heavy emotions of the topic. We’ve cherry picked the pro and con debates into two Top 10 lists shown below.

Let us know if you this changes your mind!

For Masks

Masks have been proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19, but instead of believing the evidence and following public health guidelines, many people have turned mask wearing into a political statement. They are refusing to wear masks for reasons that are laughable. Rejecting masks is selfish: it means they don’t care if other people get sick and die.

1. So the kids can go back to school. The best way to keep the kids safe at school is to make sure the level of COVID-19 in your community is very low.

2. So small businesses can open and stay open. The quickest way to open our economy is to control the virus. As more of our counties move to Phase 2 and 3, and more people are out and about, we need to make sure we keep the virus from spreading.

3. To be a leader in the community. Set a great example for others in your community. Take care of others and show them how it’s done.

4. Because it’s rude to make other people sick. You wouldn’t cough on someone or sneeze in their face. Now we have a new germ that can be spread to others when we talk or sing or breathe.

5. To show essential workers how much we appreciate them. Our essential workers have taken the risk to continue to go to work to keep us fed and to keep the services we all rely on running.

6. To express yourself. Make other people smile behind their masks! Some masks have slogans and other messages printed on them. Use your mask to express your freedom of speech and promote what you care about. Or, write your name on it — keep people from wondering who you are.

7. To leave the house. You know, at all. To go get your haircut. To see your friends and family.

8. To support your cause. Many non-profits are selling masks to raise money for a charity, and some will even match your mask purchase by donating masks to people who need them. Support your local school, human rights, environmental protection, access to health care, or any number of causes you support on your mask.

9. To save money on lipstick. Or cover a pimple. Or maybe because I haven’t had my upper lip waxed in months. Whatever. I have my reasons.

10. It literally saves lives. Fewer people will die if we all wear our masks. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that?


When it comes to the coronavirus, most of us likely feel we have little control over whether we contract it. And little is known about what might happen if we get it.

Wearing a face mask is one way to convince ourselves that we have some control over it. We tell ourselves, "Wearing this mask decreases my chances of getting sick." This, in turn, reduces our anxiety.

Rather than idly waiting for something bad to happen, we feel better if we take some sort of action. Even if the action isn't helpful, we have a way of fooling ourselves into believing that our behavior has control over the outcome.

1. It’s unproven. There are specific masks for specific situations. The randomness of bandanas, cloth, paper and “face shields” are proven to be ineffective.

2. No trust. The hospitals, CDC and government all have different testing standards.

3. It’s not real. Isn’t it strange how we can no longer catch the flu?

4. Death rate numbers are fishy. If someone passes away “with” covid-19 that classifies the same as dying “due” to covid-19. That’s not a legitimate way of tracking an illnesses impact.

5. Taking the economy takeover. Why isn’t the virus contagious in corporate stores, but it is in small businesses? The big push for economic closures are coming from democrat run districts. Ironic, isn’t it?

6. It’s a plandemic. Why is the virus not impacting the rest of the world at the rate of the US? We’re all the same species, right?

7. Virus testing is different. The US is testing at a much higher rate than the rest of the world. That percentage is bound to impact results. Some states are returning positive tests to people that haven’t take a test. Other state governments are reporting different statistics than the hospitals – by large numbers.

8. Pork barrel spending. The democrats are asking for wish list projects in the recovery bill that have nothing to do with the virus.

9. Timing is oddly consistent. Isn’t odd how the virus’ and protests always happen during election years?

10. Trump. The democrats want to remove Trump because they know the GOP will return to being pushovers and democrat-lites without the president to push them. If Biden is elected the virus will disappear by February 1st.