• Dave McGuire

Haystak's 2020 Warehouse Birthday

Updated: Apr 15

The Clarksvillian

Haystak is alive? If that was your first reaction to The Warehouse announcing next month’s show, you’re not alone. The Nashville rap star has been the subject of death rumors since 2013 and he’s laughed them off each time.

Not only is Haystak still roaming stages across the country, he’ll be celebrating his birthday in Clarksville at The Warehouse on July 10th. The veteran entertainer recently notched a rare 20th anniversary in the industry. And after all these years, he’s only slowing down to the pace forced by the Covid19 restrictions. Following the Clarksville show, Haystak will take his show from his hometown of Nashville to the west coast with plans to tour through 2021. And unfortunately, we all know those plans need to be written in pencil with our current national virus issues.

Maybe you fall in the camp of not being too familiar with the Haystak catalog? Depending on your chart genre preference, you’ll find as many as eight Top 25 albums during his touring setlists. The sound is definitely west coast with a more than occasional hint of an old school Too Short sound.

If you’re driving to the show and expecting to hear only rhymes about Haystak’s long list of legal issues, there may be a surprise that evening. Sometime around 2016, Haystak's tough talk and lyrical persona loosened to reveal a more reflective personality. Sharing his birthday night could possibly provide an even deeper look back at life’s experiences.

Birthday shows are always special and this shapes up to be no exception.