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Perry Brings Versatility Dolphins Need

By Fansided, Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins love versatile players and 7th round draft pick Malcolm Perry may be the most versatile player on the entire roster when it is all said and done.

We are at the end of May, 2020. The NFL Draft isn’t even a month removed and 7th round draft pick Malcolm Perry has not taken one step towards making the 2020 Miami Dolphins roster but his versatility could be, should be, exactly what this team needs.


In 2016, Perry was seated in the stands for the Navy season opener when the Navy starter went down. He was tracked down in the crowd by an equipment guy and by the end of the third quarter, the third team QB who had not practiced all week was entering the game.

He responded with an opening scoring drive that went the length of the field. Out of the stadium, off the bench, out of his dress white uniform to his Navy football cleats. All in the span of about an hour and a half.

He spent his years at Navy as a QB but he entered the draft as a WR prospect.

Wide Receiver

Speedy and quick don’t often go together but for Perry, they go hand in hand. With the ball in his hands, he is electric and has the downfield vision to seamlessly make his transitions while running with the ball. The problem? He doesn’t have a lot of receptions.

He has been compared to Julien Edelman without the need for PED’s (I take my digs).

Malcolm Perry’s best may come from the RB spot.

Running Back

In his sophomore year, Perry caught his most passes at Navy, 22 for his career. Hardly something you would normally get excited about. Many of those came from a slot-back type of role. He can line up in the back-field and take the hand-off or slide outside and beat the defensive end/linebackers to the edge.

Punt/Kick returner

It is hard to imagine the 5’9″ speedster not taking reps in camp at one or both of the specialist spots on the ST unit. With his agility, he should be a natural.

Perry doesn’t know where he will fit in with Miami. He is more of a depth player who can supply depth at a lot of different spots. A guy who is good at everything but may not be great at one thing. That could change with NFL coaching. Perry could see a lot of opportunity in this offense, maybe not in 2020 but as he gets more up to speed in the NFL.

Miami hasn’t had a guy who was this versatile, on paper, since Jim Jensen and if Brian Flores can find the next Jensen in Perry, he will be a fantastic asset on offense.