• Dave McGuire

The "White House Siege" Date

The Clarksvillian

The organization that helped launch Occupy Wall Street has announced a new occupation. They are calling this effort the fifty day long “White House Siege”.

Adbuster activists are targeting September 17th, 2020 as the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street and will descend on the White House for fifty days. The tentative, and still rather vague, goal is to shut down government operations. The group remains an openly unabashed opponent of capitalism and that philosophy is expected to play a significant role in protest themes. What is exactly meant by the word “siege”. The hope, from the outside, is the protest remains non-violent and the word "siege" is for dramatic impact. However, recent history has shown that's more hope than reality. Along the same objective lies another activist group planning a similar “Shut Down DC” event. According to their Twitter releases, they have not set a date or location for the events.

It's been 9 years since the political protests of Occupy Wall Street. Those protests inspired thousands of similar protests around the world and Adbuster’s hope is to replicate, and capitalize, on that same momentum. Let’s not discount the money to be made from a global event such as this – that is why they have applied for trademarks and copyrights. The Occupy anniversary arrives September 17th and may be the perfect day to trigger another global moment aimed at weakening President Trump’s re-election campaign. The protests are sure to include the absence of any Wall Street CEO jail time from their roles in 2008’s financial meltdown. Conveniently lost in that mix has been the eight years of leadership by Obama and Biden following 2008’s meltdown. The announcement for the protest is lengthy and can be read here and here.

The remaining challenge with left-wing protests is their inability to tolerate views other than their own. They cannot internally resolve their identity being based on the current government as bad, even when President Trump does things they support. One of the primary issues at Occupy Wall Street was an anger over free trade agreements and untethered or unaccountable illegal immigration. While many of these people supported amnesty, they did not like the notion of free trade and open borders policies financed by the big-time GOP financiers Koch brothers. Along came Bernie Sanders and he said “no” to TPP and received major public backing from the left’s establishment. Bernie then began campaigning against open borders as they were a Koch brothers’ proposal and, again, received strong backing from the left. Within months, newly elected President Donald Trump makes a series of statements saying “no” to both TPP and NAFTA’s open borders. Those same Bernie left-wing supporters immediately responded negatively and refused to support Trump’s decisions. How does that happen?

During 2015/2016, even the mainstream media discussed Bernie’s similar policies with Trump due to both being populists focused on fighting for the American people. Not too long after the 2016 primaries, Bernie Sanders sold-out the working class and switched his policy positions. Around that same time Bernie accepted the DNC’s payout and now resides in multiple homes. Ironic, isn’t it? During this same period Trump's net worth has dropped considerably. Regardless, he has continued to donate the presidential salary to different charity groups.

Each of these recent protests are largely the same people who were protesting during the Obama administration. And they want to restore the Obama administration by bringing them back under Joe Biden? Most of us can appreciate the frustration over a lack of penalties and CEO’s facing consequences from the 2008 financial crisis. So, again, What's this election year goal? It is clear the rise of the hard-line socialist, communist influencers has taken control of the DNC during this election cycle. Their hope lies with Biden having to beg for support and caving to the special interest demands for support - regardless of how absurd those demands may be. The left is now fully committed to sacrificing the last three years of gains to restore the establishment it claims to resist. What does not make sense, to most of the onlookers, is why would you want to bring back the guy that has failed to implement positive change over the past several decades? No matter what your thoughts of Trump’s personal mannerisms, there’s value in bringing back someone who has proven to be a reoccurring thorn to both Democrats and Republicans. In this opinion the “resistance” has become a grifting game. On the flip side, it is bordering an oxymoron to call a Republican a “grifter”. Why? Because Republicans are unabashed capitalists who seek to make money at each opportunity. The base of the DNC sells itself has socialists who eschew such things as profit for preferences to form organizations of cooperation. Instead these protest rallies, and occupancy business organizations, use manipulation of people for the generation of press associated with marketing and sales tied to countless corporate sponsors.

We are being told a siege only works if sustained for a period. Most Americans are completely supportive of peaceful protests. With past actions as clues to future intentions, it becomes skeptical. These activists are not being truthful about their peaceful intent. The left genuinely believes their protests, riots will inspire a global movement of systemic change resulting in a global spring.

It is not just the Adbusters hashtag creating challenges. The DCPD now must also contend with Shut Down DC who are also planning for action in late 2020. These recent choices may be the biggest mistakes the far left has made lately. If these protests happen as planned, there will be exploiters and agitators throughout the nation’s capital with the media all too willing to promote their agenda. With fifty days leading up to an election the DNC is committed to scaring the American people to no end with mass protests and violence (which will invariably occur).

Perhaps the intention is not to win the presidency? Maybe, just maybe, the intention is the creation of a fog around the American election process. If they aren’t anything else... socialist organizations are patient.