• Dave McGuire

Witnessing Another Pryor's Rise

The Clarksvillian

Deztin is a unique name when you’re discussing the talents of Deztin "DJ" Pryor. The sounding of the name hints to “destiny” when considering DJ Pryor’s small-town beginnings set against the enormous and competitive entertainment industry.

In today’s world of cancel culture and Covid19 health concerns, a laugh may be a little harder to come by than previously. A majority of comedians need crowd interaction to gauge their work. In these times of limited personal engagement those comedians are now being forced to use their talents in other ways to sharpen skills. In this basic way, DJ Pryor is no different than the field.

All in all, laughter may still be considered the best medicine for uplifting spirits. But how it's administered during these times of stay-at-home recommendations will push entertainers into seeking greater creativity — perhaps creating the perfect talent separator and opportunity for someone like Pryor.

Clarksvillian DJ Pryor may very well find the unusual circumstance of society’s response to the Covid19 virus as his foundational moment. During a time when most comedians are working to develop online stand-up audiences, Pryor has taken the time to refine his new entertainment company venture entitled “Laughter is Universal”. The multi-purpose company has been hard at work fine tuning their projects and messages in ways far beyond a 30-minute standup set. To underline a professional focus during these difficult times, the LIU brand has begun finalizing the production release of their first documentary entitled "Detour". The work pace surrounding Pryor has remained quick enough for his team to show no signs of the legendary coronavirus 15lbs.

As most people already know, Pryor’s track record is best associated with the CBS Network Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase. He was one of 21 actors and comedians selected from more than 3,000 auditions. As impressive as that number may be, how many tens of thousands of actors and comedians lacked the confidence or resources to push for the audition? His commercial features are associated with some of the most powerful businesses in their industries – Jack Daniels, Allstate, and Denny’s to name a few. And is it really necessary to reference 2019's viral video of the year?

A special aspect to Pryor’s rise is the unique focus on engagement with groups committed to improving lives. The commitment to tell his personal journey with a comical, relatable and human delivery has been launched as a public speaking program labeled as "Pryor to Change". In the shortened time of a healthy 2020, prior to the Covid19 stay-at-home orders, Pryor's partnership visits and speeches included:

Florida Head Start Association - Tallahassee, FL

Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network - Nashville, TN

Smart Start of New Hanover County – Wilmington, NC

United Way of Door County – Green Bay, WI

United Way of Wisconsin -Madison, WI

Rice County Area United Way – Cedar Rapids, IA

In this time of stay-at-home orders many comedians are experimenting with industry standards such as form and delivery for online audiences. A time tested, checkerboard approach to their industry.

I can't help wondering if Deztin is planning a game of chess on those same checkerboards.