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Clarksville's Dining Cheat Sheet

Updated: Apr 15

The Clarksvillian

I previously received emails from individuals following-up my thoughts on Clarksville's non-support of local restaurants. Most were from owners or employees preferring not to share their names for fear of being understood. Their concerns were consistent with the frustration of simply "letting people know we're here". And to add onto those challenges? The Covid19 lock downs further muddied the waters of communication to customers everywhere.

If you've listened to local media or noticed the results of our project zoning incentives, created by political leaders, there's a good chance you're unaware of some great local restaurants. With those thoughts in mind, a cheat sheet for your local dining consideration appeared to be the feedback theme. The below list isn’t intended to exclude any local businesses or minimize the value chain restaurants provide to the community. With all those disclaimers tagged, especially to the latter group, it’s important to support those businesses personally supporting Clarksville’s programs and events.

Thinking about your 3rd trip for your daily Starbucks fix? Why not try ...

Golly G's

King Tut Coffee Company

Lasaters Coffee

Mugsy's Coffee Company

Plumb Line Coffee

Ravenwood Coffee & Creations

Yada’s on Franklin

Panera's light lunch crowd could consider visiting these destinations for their light, trendy meals ...

Hot Pita

Madeleine's Place

Silke's Old World

The Gingham Cafe

Planning a casual dinner along the lines of Texas Roadhouse, Longhorns or Outback? Maybe Olive Garden? Below are some great options ...

Edward's Steakhouse

Pbody's Great American Grill

So comfort foods are your thing? You're not really feeling the traffic and/or wait time for Cheddar's or Cracker Barrel? Why not try ...

Cotterell's Wagon Wheel

G's Pancake House

Moss' Southern Cooking

Miss Lucille's Cafe

Rudy's Diner

Sweet P's Southern Style

The Sango Cafe

Okay. You're finally recovered from the non-stop seafood meals beginning with lent and dragging through the Spring lockdown? If you're ready to get venture back out into the seafood-fresh fish market, check out the hours of these spots ...

Harbor Café

Kimo's Hawaiian Grill

The Catfish House

Mexican menus are commonplace in most cities or towns. Locally, we have several ownership groups based out of Nashville or Atlanta. How are you going to know, right? Keep our neighbors in mind and make plans for visiting these locations ...

Costa Azul

El Toro De Don Jose Restaurant

Guadalajara Restaurant

Los Hermanos Grill

La Cocina de Yoma Manzanillo's Restaurant

Pablo's Mexican Grill

Did the nonstop pizza commercials convince you it's time for slice? Been to Old Chicago, Domino's, Jet's, Little Caesar's or Pizza Hut too often? Click the links below and plan time with family or friends ...

Caprigio's Pizza

Chris' Pizza Village

Four Brother's Wood Fired Pizza

Luigi's Pizza

Michael's Pizza Woody's Pizza

Who doesn't love hanging with friends at Buffalo Wild Wings, Tilted Kilt or Hooters for a game or just socializing over drinks? Completely understood, but take a detour next time and consider ...

Blackhorse Pub & Brewery

Gladiator Brewing

KIng's Bluff Brewery

O'Connor's Irish Pub

Strawberry Alley Ale Works

Tennessee Valley Brewing Company

The Star Spangled Brewing Company

Want a quick bite from Subway, Firehouse Subs, Jersey Mike's or some other fast food place? Give these folks a shot for that casual meal. The quality and wait time will surprise you ...

Chi-Town Hot Dogs

Johnny's Big Burger

Kelly's Big Burger

Smokin Chikin

Wicked Good Sandwiches

The proximity to Fort Campbell has created a local culture of occasional cravings for sushi, pho, bulgogi or even a Japanese steakhouses. As if reminders were needed? Look no further than ...

Bulgogi House

Elaine's Cafe

Fujiyama's Steakhouse

Hananoki Steakhouse

JibBop Grill

Kohana Sushi

Little Saigon

Momo's Korean BBQ

Shogun Japanese Steakhouse

Yamato Japanese Steakhouse

Yellowtail Robata Grill

Are you're wanting a real change of pace to dinner? If you're wanting more of the not-so-ordinary, support these folks below to build market confidence ...

Campbell's Kitchen / German

El Tropicana Restaurant / Domincan

Ilona's Table / Italian & German

Nora's Filipino Market

Tandoor Indian Bistro

Tarboosh Mediterranean Restaurant and Hookah Bar

Clarksville has a seafood and fresh fish market? Yes! Little's Seafood Co is a trendy seafood market based out of the Germantown District of Nashville. Clarksville is their first investment outside of Music City and their decision to base in an under served and developing part of town speaks to the quality of ownership.

Little's Seafood Company

The recent prices of beef have left us all feeling beat up! Now that the prices to normalizing, why restock your refrigerator from the same old store strictly due to habit? Believe it or not, I know people continuing the long ride to Hopkinsville's Hampton Meats. Save gas and take a ride on Madison Street to visit our own excellent butcher shop …

The Choppin' Block

Last word? If you have any recommendations or suggestions, please send a note for follow-ups.