• Michelle Schenker

Denver's Airport Mysteries

The Clarksvillian

*several of the murals are shown at the bottom of the page (painted in 1994).

Recently featured on The Travel Channel’s America Declassified, there are several conspiracy theories that capture attention worldwide. Perhaps a most intriguing theory for those living in the United States is a secret bunker located under the Denver Airport. Let’s look at theories that encapsulate this hidden bunker that no longer remains “hidden.” We will discuss not only the reasoning behind this bunker’s presence, but we will also look at the abundance of occult symbols found throughout the airport.

Denver International Airport, often referred to as DEN or DIA, is located in Denver, Colorado and is the largest airport in the United States. The total area of the airport is 53 square miles which also makes DIA the second largest airport in the world behind King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia. As of 2010, Denver International is the fifth busiest airport in the world with over 635,000 aircraft movements.

The Denver International airport began life in the early 1980s as the Denver Regional Council of Governments began their search for an area to build the new metro airport. The outlay of the first $60 million was allowed in September 1989. Several delays set the construction of the airport back and it wasn’t until February 28, 1995, that Denver International Airport opened and replaced the original airport, Stapleton. The construction of the airport came to nearly $2 billion over budget.

There are several questions pertaining to the design and construction of Denver International Airport. This story ran with a reference to this website in a recent feature on The Travel Channel’s America Declassified.

One very noticeable point brought to light is the layout of runways at the airport. The shape of the six current runways at the airport form a modified swastika.

One of the other more noticeable and questionable features of the airport is the unorthodox artwork that adorns its walls. Murals that can be viewed in the baggage claim area feature content that, according to some, feature future military oppression and a one world government similar to the concept of “big brother.” The most memorable of these pieces is a large green soldier of sorts with an eagle symbol on his hat, a bayonet tipped gun and a large, curved sword in the other hand. Underneath the soldier are signs of poverty and distress, a woman clutching her baby and children sleeping in ruins. Viewers of the piece state it appears to represent themes of future military oppression and a one world government. The artist of the piece, Leo Tanguma, however, claims that the mural and others like it represent man-made destruction of the environment and genocide while the people of the world come together to live in peace. The two large murals entitled “In Peace and Harmony with Nature” and “The Children of the World Dream of Peace.”

Within the Denver International Airport, there is a dedication marker which contains inscriptions of the compasses and square associated with the Freemasons. This marker lists two of the grand lodges of Freemasonry in Colorado. This marker reads:

  • · New World Airport Commission

  • · Contributors for the project included Martin Marietta Aeronautics, Fentress Bradburn Architects, Zimmerman Metals

  • Interestingly enough, according to multiple sources, the “New World Airport Commission” does not exist.

Among all the odd décor of Denver International Airport is a statue of an open suitcase. Within this suitcase is a horned demon with its head in its hands.

The thing that most intrigues conspiracy theorists about Denver International Airport are five bunker type buildings below the airport. Blueprints exist of these five buildings buried at the beginning of DIA construction. Each of the five buildings completed construction before the engineers discovered incorrect positioning of the structures.

Conspiracy theorists question why these buildings were buried rather than demolished, as would usually be the case.

When asked about the underground buildings, airport authorities claim they use the buildings for storage. While this may be true, there are two interesting aspects to follow-up. First, no one denies that these underground buildings exist. Second, rumors abound that these underground “storage buildings” are being set up as bunkers.

So what are these bunkers for? It depends on who you ask. Conspiracy theorists believe the 360,000 square foot bunker was built by the “New World Order” to house the elites of society were the economy to collapse or nuclear holocaust to take place. Of course, there is no actual proof of this belief, but there are several interesting points to note about the airport and the bunkers that lie beneath it.

Interesting Points to Note about the Denver International Airport and the Bunkers ...

According to online source “The Chive” when Comet Elenin passed the planet Earth, just missing by 22 million miles, President Obama was in Denver. It is possible that had the comet struck Earth, the impact would have been catastrophic; however, the President was in Denver, where some believe an underground bunker has existed for some time. According to these conspiracy theorists, Denver houses the largest and most advanced bunker to exist within the United States without coincidence of being exactly where the president was taken when potential disaster loomed.

Correction: According to Wikipedia and The White House’s website, Obama was in Washington D.C. on the date that Comet Elenin passed the earth (October 16, 2011). He and his family were attending the dedication ceremony for Martin Luther King, Jr.

Another interesting concern that many conspiracies theorists have is the necessity of DIA. At the time of its construction, Denver residents used Stapleton airport, which was six miles away from Denver. Many claim that with another airport within such a short distance there was no need for the new airport to be built at all unless it was being used to cover up another more secretive construction project, like the five bunker buildings below it.

While the capstone at Denver International Airport states the New World Airport Commission funded the airport, no one actually knows who the source was in name. There is no record of this commission ever existing, with the exception of capstone’s inscription. There is no solid evidence that points to who funded the 4.8-billion-dollar construction project.

When looking at the overall lay of the land, Denver is within a reachable distance of both the East and West coast. Denver provides mountainous terrain that can provide a strategic viewpoint and a level of protection to those who take shelter in the bunkers should a “doomsday” type event take place.

The Signs…

Besides the mysterious capstone and what seems to foreshadow murals, those who pull up to Denver International Airport will note a giant blue mustang. While many will connect with the Denver Broncos and the wild-looking horse that is reared up on its hind legs, conspiracy theorists see something else entirely. The blue cast-fiberglass sculpture is 32 feet tall and weighs 9,000 pounds and sculpted by New Mexico artist Luis Jimenez. This giant horse rears up with red fiery eyes and resembles one horse of the apocalypse as lights from below highlight its bony ribcage and contrast its terrifying eyes.

Another sign found within the airport and often interpreted as being innocent is the Australian Antigen Reference. The sign sits directly in front of one mural. Some interpret the mural to represent a world of biological warfare as a giant soldier stands in his gas mask above helpless children. On the floor in front of this mural is a gold mining cart with an inscription of the letters AU AG. This representation leads onlookers to believe that the inscription refers to gold and silver. Theorists believe the inscription refers to the deadly hepatitis strain Australia Antigen AKA AUAG. The AUAG angle was discovered by a founder of the airport and is believed to hint towards potential as a weapon should biological warfare break out. Coincidentally, this inscription sits in front of the “biological warfare” mural.

News headlines have touted for some time plans for the CIA to move their headquarters to Denver. According to a story in the Washington Post, a U.S. Intelligence official has confirmed the plan for the move and stated its planning for “operational reasons.” According to sources, approximately $20 million was budgeted to assist with the relocation of agency employees. Reasons for the move include the following explanations:

  • · Moving the CIA to Denver would provide new ways to operate under cover.

  • · Moving to Denver would also help to stop the growth of the CIA headquarters and headquarters-based groupthink.

No completed plans have been for the move, but some former CIA employees criticize the move, stating that it makes no sense, and it would cause more of a disconnect. Is the tentative move of this domestic division strategic or is it more simply a way to convene more elites around the large underground bunker?

Many who hear about theories behind the Colorado bunker question the sanity of those who claim its existence. The truth is, however, that similar bunkers have been proven to exist. These bunkers, built during the Cold War like the bunker underneath the Greenbrier Hotel, gave shelter to the elite should “the time” come. So, is it farfetched to believe that similar projects could exist today?

In the time leading up to the scouting of the airport location, from 1980 to 1983, several key world events took place including:


  • · The Ayatollah Khomeini takes power in Iran and introduces Islamic law

  • · Soviets invade Afghanistan

  • · Skylab fell into the Indian Ocean

  • · Three Mile Island partial meltdown

  • · Radical militants of the Wahhabi sect of Islam stormed the grand mosque of Mecca.


  • · The Summer Olympics in USSR which the US boycotted.

  • · Turner Cable Network begins the first all-news service.

  • · Ronald Reagan is elected.

  • · Mt. Saint Helens erupts.

  • · Saddam Hussein launches war against Iran for close to a decade over oil rights.

  • · The US shows its response to the Soviet Union’s support of a war in Afghanistan by suspending sales of grain to them.

Did these noteworthy events influence the decision to build a secret underground bunker to protect the social elite?