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Corabi Brought the Crue to Clarksville

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Former Motely Crue frontman John Corabi is bringing the show to Clarksville.

In 1989, Mötley Crüe was one of the biggest bands in the world, riding high with its multiplatinum album, "Dr. Feelgood." But the band’s next album didn't hit shelves until mid-1994 and a new singer was at the mic. The singer was John Corabi and, unfortunately, the music scene had shifted from hair metal to a Seattle branded grunge sound. The Crue's absence could not have been more poorly timed.

Although the Corabi led Crue album was critically received, with hindsight Corabi has attributed the poor sales to 3 issues:

1. The Elektra record label staff in Crue’s corner was fired. Bob Krasnow, the president and his entire staff were fired, leaving Crüe with no support at the label

2. the band members upset fans by speaking negatively about Vince Neil

3. the band made enemies with MTV corporate offices after walking out of multiple interviews

“There was some talk that Vince was coming back,” Corabi told Heavy Magazine. “I went to rehearsal one day, and when I walked in and saw all the managers and the lawyers, I'm like, 'Uh oh. This isn't going to be good.' That's when they told me. … They basically said, 'Hey man, thanks for all your efforts. We love you, but the record label just isn't going to support this version of the band.' Out the door I went. It was sudden, but it really wasn't because there was a lot of rumblings. I'd go to the Rainbow or a club and people were saying, 'I think I saw Tommy [Lee] and Nikki [Sixx] at this Mexican restaurant with Vince.' I'm like, 'What?' … I kind of thought it might be coming, but it was absolutely definite when I saw the lawyers. Corabi was not a Crüe fan before joining the band and the shift to his style might have explained a lot.

Since the day Vince Neil rejoined the Crue, the Corabi 1994 album has been largely ignored. When Motley Crue released their vinyl box set called “The End”, they even omitted the self titled Corabi album “Motley Crue” along with ‘Generation Swine’. It's a shameful omission and true rock fans of the era will tell you the same.

Corabi not only helped the Crue stretch to a different type of music, but also helped them realize time was not unlimited for everyone. If you haven't listened to Corabi yet, click over to Youtube and you'll find several comfortable covers to dip your toes into. Tickets will be soldout before too long. Don't let this be another missed show that haunts your Clarksville stereo.


John Corabi (former Motley Crue frontman)

The Warehouse Concert Lounge and Event Center

Clarksville, TN

Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

Doors 7pm

18+ (Under 21 pays $5 surcharge at door)

Tix: $15 adv // $20 dos // $35 VIP Table Seating

Presented by Filthy Nasty Productions