• Dave McGuire

Concert Stories: The Warehouse Lounge

The Clarksvillian

As the Covid19 social distancing requirements begin to ease, we are again collectively looking forward to enjoying concerts and other larger gatherings. In the anticipation of those upcoming concerts, we're taking a look at some of the more notable concerts from Clarksville's history. This week's look back will be through the lens of The Warehouse.

In this age of something not happening unless it's recorded, there's a lot of missed shows off Riverside Drive. One of those acts appears to be Seven Mary Three.

Seven Mary Three

Among those acts was Seven Mary Three on two different occasions in 2005 and 2008. Both shows were sellouts and the crowds arrived to pack the building to hear the bands #1 song "Cumbersome" along with their 3 other Billboard Top 10 songs.

Blue Oyster Cult

Who doesn't want more cowbell? When the opportunity to book a band that's sold 25+ million albums with millions of more downloads, you do it. The Blue Oyster Cult performed a sellout show at The Warehouse as a bookend show to a Nashville visit in the late 90s.

Will you be able to say you saw a Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame band, in Clarksville, once they're finally inducted? I can only imagine those stories of who attended!

Scott Stapp of Creed

It's possible the Grammy and AMA award winning band Creed was the most popular rock band during the late 90s - and maintaining their high profile well into the early 00s. After selling 50+ million CDs Creed's lead vocalist, Scott Stapp went his own way pursuing a solo career. The road has been a bumpy one, but it appears Stapp has come out the other side clear headed and ready to move forward. The Clarksville show was a sellout focusing primarily on the fan friendly Creed classics.

Bret Michaels

Michaels is most famously known for, depending on your age, fronting the hair rock band "Poison". MIchaels and crew charted 6 Billboard Top 10 songs along with the #1 anthem "Every Rose Has It's Thorn". Much like Sabastian Bach, read below, Michaels' has transcended his earlier career musical success branching into television, movies and personal branding. While working on a few projects in Nashville, Michaels scheduled a quick trip to Clarksville for a sold out gig and some extra spending money.


I remember a friend talking about the P.O.D. concert back in 2015. Really? It was a surprise considering they were still a big catch playing to full houses on a regular basis. The Echo Award winning never overcame the AMA nominations for a win, but they certainly earned their bones through nightly shows with Clarksville being no exception.

Sebastian Bach

The band Skid Row rolled into the mainstream during the hair metal days of the late 80s through the early 90s. Then came grunge and the shifts were seismic in the music industry. All those changes didn't slow Canadian Sebastian Bach's desire to showcase his talents. Since leaving Skid Row, Bach has moved into a regular role as a performer on Broadway and also appearing on random television programs - mostly as himself.