• David Andrews

Clarksville's Emerging Originals

The Clarksvillian

Finding a unique gift for Clarksville has gotten a lot easier.

Ignore the urge to make Jeff Bezos richer by adding to your Amazon cart with extra Nashville themes or generic blandness from the last Netflix hit. This year, a local group believes you’ll think twice about what Clarksville culture really means.

“It's messaging combined with pillows, glassware, visual art, and clothing. We’re still looking at options of items as we consider partnering with local groups and businesses.” said Dave McGuire of Clarksville Originals - a newly launched local business centered around promoting “all things Clarksville.”

This new venture brings a unique character with product mixes not currently found in the area. These items are wide-ranging designs associated with the city’s history, military, culture, and even a local nemesis or two – including traffic.

“We’ve been 100% focused on promoting Clarksville from the start.” said McGuire. “It started as an effort to remind folks to not be so hard on themselves or the community. If national audiences recognize the positives, why look for the negatives?”

"And with the continued growth of the area, the timing couldn’t be better to have a creative outlet for the city," he added.

Many of the local businesses are eagerly embracing what makes Clarksville different. In an ever increasingly homogenized world, communities that strive to preserve their distinct character have economic advantages. The greater Clarksville area has a strong foundational support system for small business at places such as Local Clarksville and #ClarksvilleStrong.

Very often, when you shop small, what you buy is unique. And there’s something incredibly special when you give a thoughtful gift that’s also one of a kind or has a story or memories behind it.

The National Federation of Independent Businesses says Small Business Saturday is the most important shopping day of the season for 36% of independent retailers. Only 24% of these businesses say Black Friday is more important. It's a relaxing opportunity to leave time for yourself to think and act like a local tourist.

“The first week we received strong feedback with limited advertising. I’m sure curiosity has been driving the initial views at the site ( The big step will be turning those random customers into regulars. Come back and talk to us during the holiday season.”