• Eric Fisher

Local Sports Authority Approved

Updated: Apr 15

The Clarksvillian

Montgomery County has officially created a non-profit sports authority to manage, among other community activities, development and operations related to the downtown Clarksville MPEC. The standard baseline objectives of any sports authority relates to 4 key areas that will become part of the MCSA's oversight.

· Bring sports events to the community

· Create new and permanent sports events for the Clarksville community

· Support existing organizations in the community

· Emphasize youth programs and events

In the past, Clarksville and Montgomery County had a partnered city-county sports authority which, over time, was absorbed by the tourism agency aka Visit Clarksville. The plans to streamline those responsibilities were gradually lost over time due to a lack of big events.

The board of directors for the Montgomery County Sports Authority will include Bradley Jackson, Bob Yates, Jo Dee Wright, Casey Jenkins, David Silvus, Mark Briggs and Kyle Luther.

The feedback following the announcement centered around subjects like “NHL partnerships”, “minor league baseball”, “NCAA”, etc. To say those out-of-the-gate comments weren't a little concerning and showed a lack of depth would be an understatement. Hopefully, the group will quickly settle into a formal agenda and place their initial attention on the value of existing sports communities in the area.