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The Clarksville MSA has seen tremendous growth over the past two decades. Military personnel primarily drove the historical changes moving in/out of Fort Campbell, bringing with them hometown cultures introduced to the city. Because of that unique aspect, Clarksville does not follow the same norms as other southern cities. For example, these days you’re more likely to find more residents with ties to other regions than Clarksville. Whether its military, APSU or the booming business sector, we're consistently experiencing changes that accompany growth.

Take a southern minute to read this fun Clarksville slanguage list and tag your friends. With one of the country's best locations for millennials, and several tags tied to "best of" labels, there’s bound to be tech related abbreviations and slang terms longtime Clarksvillians may miss. What would you add to the list? #ClarksvilleTN

101st: There are two references.

- Military Unit: The 101st is a description of the famous Fort Campbell based unit

- Location: The 101st Airborne Parkway which connects the north and south sides of the city.

116: Downtown Montgomery County Jail’s address -> 116 Commerce Street

86'd: When Fort Campbell leadership declares a local bar or nightclub off limits for activity duty personnel. The precursor to a permenant "CLOSED" sign.

AC: The nearby town of Ashland City

AP: Austin Peay State Univeristy

Ashland City Road: This road connects Riverside Drive and MLK. It does not lead to the town of Ashland City.

BG: Bowling Green KY

Big Burger: People in their 20s-30s or those attending APSU games will use this to describe Johnny’s Big Burger on College Street. Those people in their late 40s+ will prefer to use “big burger” as a shortened name for Kelly’s Big Burger on Riverside Drive.

BNA: Berry National Airport / Nashville International Airport

Boot Hill: The hillside that changes from North 2nd Street to New Providence Boulevard

Brats: The child of a parent or parents serving full time in the United States Armed Forces, whether current or former.

Central: This term is anything but “central” to the city. This slang will refer to Montgomery Central High School area on Highway 48.

Civvies: Casual civilian clothing or non-military personnel.

Chop Chop: Slang for going to a Vietnamese restaurant

Clarksvegas: Created by 101st Airborne soldiers as early as the 1960s. Soldiers used the Las Vegas lights as a reference to the light show the 101st Airborne would take on the road when deployed to different combat zones.

Coke: Any carbonated soft drink. Heard primarily in South Clarksville and the counties outside the city.

Cruisin’: Only known to those persons 40+. "Cruisin'" describes an area around Riverside Drive local teenagers would drive in the 80s and 90s from Kraft Street stretching to Ashland City Road.

Customs House: The Clarksville city museum

Cuts in the Hill: Old Ashland City Road

C-ville: Clarksville

Dinner: A more formal meal for a holiday or celebration

Dog Hill: A historical neighborhood next to the south end of downtown

Dover Point: The split in New Providence where New Providence Blvd turns into Dover Road

or Fort Campbell Blvd

E-vil: Evansville IN

Gate 4: Fort Campbell's main gate where visitor passes are distributed to non military personnel visiting the base.

GCA: The Greater Clarksville Area consisting of Clarksville, Fort Campbell, Oak Grove, Hopkinsville, Cunningham and Steward County.

WRB: Wilma Rudolph Boulevard or Highway 79

FCB: Fort Campbell Boulevard

Five Points: The Greenwood Neighborhood

Fixin’ to: Preparing or getting ready to do something

Fly: A reference to former APSU great James “Fly” Williams. Fly is still considered by many as the greatest NYC playground basketball player in the city's history.

Franklin Street: 99% of the time, this references the downtown block of restaurants and/or businesses.

Going to Nashville: Describing a trip to a sporting event or a visit to downtown and West End

Govs: Nothing political with this reference. The Govs are a commonly used nickname for the APSU Governors.

GSD: Governor’s Square District; The retail & restaurant heavy area on WRB at Exit 4.

Hold Your Horses: Telling someone to slow down and not be in a hurry.

Hoptown: Neighboring community of Hopkinsville

Hush: Be quiet

Jazz on the Lawn or "Jazz": A summer series of live music hosted at the Beachaven Winery

Johnny's: Johnny's Big Burger on College Street

Let’s Go Peay: It’s phonetic, get it? This APSU basketball chant is known nationwide and talked about by everyone from Dick Vitale to Bobby Knight.

Madison: When someone just says "Madison" when giving directions, it implies Madison Street. Sop and ask for a specific address or location. Madison is one of the longest streets in the city and locals reference it like a city block.

Metropolis: Someone is going to the casino in Metropolis IL (West Paducah KY)

MLK: Martin Luther King Boulevard / Highway 76

MP: Military Police

Northside: The northwest side of town primarily tied to FCB

NPB: New Providence Boulevard

OTB: Off Track Betting that takes place at Oak Grove Casino, Track and Hotel

Outlaw: Clarksville’s growing regional airport

Peay: Austin Peay

Pops or Soda: Carbonated soft drinks. If heard in the city, there’s a good chance its said on the northside because of the heavy transplant influence of Fort Campbell.

Reckon: An agreement has been reached

Ringgold Bridge: A local fishing spot under a bridge on FCB

Riverside: Not just any of the riversides around town. This is specifically Riverside Drive.

Saint B: St. Bethlehem neighborhoods

South Clarksville: Area ranging from Memorial Drive to the Sango area

Supper: The day’s main meal with family or friends

Take your sweet time: A polite way of asking someone to hurry up

Tee Tee or TT: Tiny Town Road businesses intersecting at Trenton Road

The Base: Fort Campbell Army Base

The Bricks: Lincoln Holmes neighborhood between the APSU campus and Kraft Street.

The Pub: One of the oldest microbreweries in Tennessee, The Franklin Street Pub / Blackhorse Brewery.

The Fairgrounds: Liberty Park along the Cumberland River

The Greenway: Although the Clarksville Greenway is fairly expansive this reference is a general term to the entry at Pollard Road or Kenwood Elementary School.

The Last Train to Clarksville: The Monkees big hit is asked about regularly. Altho the song's writers referenced a town in Arizona (I believe). Singer Mickey Dolenz has always associated Clarksville TN and Fort Campbell with the song's anti-war theme.

The Marina: Liberty Park or the original fairgrounds

The Queen City: A nod to Nashville being the “King” city of Middle Tennessee

The Speedway: Clarksvillle Speedway & Fairgrounds (no one refers to it as the “fairgrounds”)

The Storm: The 1999 tornado that destroyed downtown Clarksville

The (old) Triangle: The businesses at the point where FCB splits into a 2nd direction - Sinclair Drive

Two Rivers: The Two Rivers Shopping Center formally the city’s only shopping enclosed shopping mall.

Visit the Amish: Taking a trip to very well known Amish bakery on Guthrie Road just over the KY state line (Schlabach’s founded in 1970).