• Eric Fisher

Nashville's Defund Talk Scares Retailers

Updated: Sep 7

The Clarksvillian

Can Clarksville’s business community benefit from Nashville’s mayor's poor decision making?

The key to any type of retail business will be the supply chain. A recent poll reflected 79% of all truck drivers responded by saying they would not service communities with defunded police departments. It’s well known truck drivers work within an industry of high crime which includes armed robbery of both personal and commercial possessions. The disruption of reliable supply chains would create an unstable factor within metro Nashville's retail sector. In the end, those stores would be serviced with the drivers being contracted at premium rates for delivery services. Those additional costs would be passed down to consumers along with the greater issue of product availability. It's not the expectation of a surge in business for Montgomery County. The greater Clarksville area may experience a slight uptick of shoppers visiting from Nashville, but that’s not the point. How many people would choose to stay in Clarksville for more reliable options and prices? Could that shopper base be cultivated and retained for our community?

It’s certainly going to be an interesting scenario as different American cities debate the value of police forces.