• Dave McGuire

Concert Stories: O'Connor's Stage

The Clarksvillian

There's a spot in Clarksville's northeast end that's consistently provided ample noise to anger neighbors during the past 5 years. O'Connor's Pub has successfully morphed from a standard Irish themed pub into a full entertainment destination. The venue has shown the ability to manage shows professionally. Whether those shows are promoting local bands by providing the vitally important stage time or hosting one of the biggest bands in the world, O'Connor's has shown they can satisfy the weekly, live music entertainment options desperately lacking in Clarksville. Below are a few of those nights you'll hear Clarksvillians reminiscing about a few beers.

Greta Van Fleet

Estimated, combined total views of 1 billion views on Youtube with an estimated billion more on other downloading platforms. Quite simply, GVF is one of the biggest bands in the world. The Clarksville show was earlier in the bands rise, but well after “Highway Tune” hit the charts. I was at this show and the crowd wasn’t unusually large. Do you want to know what’s stranger? Every time this show is mentioned in a conversation.. everyone at the discussion will casually mention their experience from being at the show. Those types of responses are only linked to incredibly special moments. GVF playing off Trenton Road was certainly one of them.


It can be argued Fozzy’s lead singer, Chris Jericho, is one of the greatest wrestlers in the genre's long history. And, oh by the way, he’s also shown a knack for creating high energy rock anthems. Jericho's band, Fozzy, has stacked up 3 Rock Radio Top 10 songs including Sirius/XM’s Octane #1 hit “Judas”. The heavy handed song “Judas” has an estimated combination of 100 million views on Youtube with a combined 35 million on other download platforms. Still not sure about Jericho? The Canadian entertainer is also the founder and CEO of the Westwood One affiliated "Jericho Podcast Network". In short, if you missed this show, you missed sharing space with one of the most visible personalities in all the entertainment industry.

Shallow Side

"On the come-up" is a phrase you'll hear to describe something being noticed before gaining popularity. That's become the niche at O'Connor's over the years. Shallow Side is only another example of O'Connor's niche. The Cullman, Alabama band was recently nominated for Band of the Year by The Independent Music Awards. When you're nominated alongside Springsteen's right-hand Stevie Van Zandt and legendary Lucinda Williams, you've begun turning heads. By the time they hit Clarksville, Shallow Side already begun racking up Top 40 hits with two snugly under their belt. Giving credit where credit is due, the O'Connor's show was a quick sellout which only reinforced the band's quickly growing fan base.

Adelita’s Way

This hard rock band has been touring for 10+ years and shared the stage with a few excellent bands on the scene; Guns ‘N’ Roses, Three Days Grace, Halestorm, etc, Depending on your preference for musical chart tracking, Adelita's Way has logged four Top 10 hard rock hits in the past five years. These days, their touring has scaled back to 30-40 shows per year with a greater focus on recording at their hometown of Las Vegas. The odds are slim they'll be back in Middle Tennessee. If you caught the show, consider yourself lucky.

Corey Smith

While vacationing on the panhandle several years ago, I asked someone about an upcoming beach show featuring a guy named Corey Smith. I was told the question was a non starter – 3k tickets were sold just hours after being released. Over the years the same scenario has repeated itself in different cities as my travels have strangely paralleled Smith's. If the hint isn't obvious, Smith has a strong fan base. Corey brought his Athens GA catalog of country and southern hits, including his 3 Top 40 hits, to a sold-out show at O’Connor's last year. His non-stop touring schedule will most likely land him in the area sooner rather than later. If you missed the last show, don't miss the next.