• Dave McGuire

Adding Memories to Downtown's Arena

(CU) - How many people would love to become a permanent part of Clarksville’s new downtown arena? The opportunity to leave a lasting memory on the sidewalks, that will over the years, will experience millions of people crossing as the enter the arena will be tempting.

Imagine if the city used their public sidewalks and exterior entrance of the new arena for that very purpose? Personalized family memories, anniversaries, company names or special messages would line the entryway on the faces of bricks - staring back up at arriving fans. Families stopping to point out their brick to visitors, while retelling old stories, would become the norm. And really, it's not an entirely new proposal to consider for Clarksville. The city applied a much smaller program with "The Protector" statue located on Commerce Street.

Let’s estimate a total sidewalk length of 100’ while using a standard commemorative brick size. That pedestrian space allows for roughly 500 bricks. Sell those permanent bricks for $100 each and the benefit immediately becomes justified. What else? That is estimating the surface area on the low end of availability. It’s a feel-good opportunity for the community and a financial plus for APSU’s charitable wing. If the expense is a little beyond someone's budget? There are plenty of additional opportunities to be inclusive with raffles, contests and recognition events for those viewing the price as an obstacle.

These walkways of memories have made countless venues memorable throughout the country. With the demolition and groundbreaking yet to begin, it’s an easy win-win option for the city to consider.


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