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Breonna Taylor's LMPD Files

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The story surrounding the death of Louisville hospital technician Breonna Taylor has taken on a life of its own. The details, facts and rumors continue to blend into news cycles which pump energy into an already fragile country bordering on civil unrest. Many of the most common questions involve the LMPD's justification for arriving at Breonna Taylor's home. So what information was the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department basing their decisions?

The below excerpts, taken from police files and taped jailhouse calls, provide a clearer picture into the investigatory reasons leading up to LMPD's arrival at 3003 Springfield Drive. For the full report of 40+ pages, head over to The Tatum Report.

December 3, 2016

Breonna Taylor first appears in LMPD records after Fernandez Bowman was found deceased, due to multiple gunshot wounds, inside a car rented under Taylor’s name. LMPD arrived at the Breonna Taylor's residence for questioning regarding Bowman and the rental car. While conducting the interview, they identified Jamarcus Glover as being present at Taylor’s home.

Taylor stated she did not know the victim and discovered what possibly happened from her boyfriend Jamarcus Glover. Ms. Taylor stated she’d been dating Glover for approximately 3-4 months and allowed him to also drive her rental car. Ms. Taylor provided detectives with her contact number at the end of the interview - the phone number was the same Glover provided on 2/14/20 when he attempted to file a complaint.

The homicide victim was the brother of Demarius Bowman. Demarius is one of Glover's street associate's and has been arrested with Glover on numerous occasions.

January 23, 2017

Breonna Taylor posts bail on two separate cases for Jamarcus Glover.

December 30, 2019

The First Division executed simultaneous search warrants on 2424 Elliot Avenue, 2426 Elliot Avenue, and 2605 W Muhammad Ali Blvd. Arrested were Jamarcus Glover, Adrian Walker, Rayshawn Lee, Darreal Forest, Dominic Crenshaw and Cleve Knight Jr. Evidence seized included; 5 handguns - one of which was stolen, 3 long guns, 4.9 grams of crack cocaine, 14.4 grams of marijuana, 2 cellphones and assorted drug paraphernalia and surveillance systems.

December 31, 2019

The Plant Based Investigation team (PBI) selected their first microcell location with parameters being S. 24th Street to S. 28th Street in West Broadway to Magazine Street, based on increases in violent crime being reported in that specific area. Examples: Aggravated assaults and narcotic related offences. PBI detectives began gathering research information within the designated area including phone calls for service incident reports and narcotic related crime tips. Most of the call volumes were narcotics related crime tips leading detectives to 2424 Elliot Avenue.

January 2, 2020

The PBI team requested LMPD's technical unit install a pole camera at the intersection of S. 24th Street and Elliot Avenue facing west. Within an hour of the pole camera installation, PBI detectives witnessed approximately 15-20 vehicles visit 2424 Elliot Avenue for a short period of time - which is indicative of narcotics trafficking. At 5:52pm, PBI detectives observed a white 2016 Chevy Impala pull up to 2424 Elliot Avenue and Jamarcus Glover exited the passenger side of the vehicle. The vehicle was registered to Breonna Taylor at 3003 Springfield Drive apt #4.

January 3, 2020

Following an arrest, Jamarcus Glover calls Breonna Taylor from booking.

Glover to Taylor: “Call Doug Adrian Walker On Facebook and see where the f**k Doug at . He's got all my f*****g money, riding around in my motherf******g car and he ain't even where he's supposed to be at.”

Taylor to Glover: “You said Doug?"

Glover to Taylor: “Yeah, big Doug.”

Taylor to Glover: “I'll call him. Why can't I find him on Facebook? What's his name on here?”

Glover to Taylor: “Meechie Walker.”

Jamarcus Glover calls Breonna Taylor again from booking..

Glover to Taylor: “You talked to Doug?”

Taylor to Glover: “Yeah I did. He said he was already back at the trap. Then I talked to him again just a minute ago to see if you had contacted him. They couldn't post bond till one.”

Glover to Taylor: “Just be on a Standby, so you can come and get me. Love you.

Taylor to Glover: “Love you too.”

January 9, 2020

PBI detectives conducted physical surveillance through the pole cameras numerous times on the 2400 block of Elliot Avenue. Through the PBI detectives training and experience, 2424 Elliot Avenue appeared to be a trap house. The "trap house" meaning as place where drugs are being sold and the suppliers of the narcotics of the trap house were Jamarcus Glover and Adrian Walker.

PBI detectives observed, through surveillance, when the narcotics being dealt from 2424 Elliot Avenue were low a minimum flow of pedestrian traffic was in the area. Jamarcus Glover or Adrian Walker would then arrive operating a red 2017 Charger and appear to increase the inventory at the 2424 Elliot Avenue trap house. Both individuals had been observed either entering or exiting 2424 Elliot Avenue and were suspected of dropping narcotics near the sidewalk between the vacant house at 2425 Elliot and 2427 Elliot Avenue. Once they left the area, pedestrian and vehicle traffic resumed to normal flows.

PBI detectives observed the same red Dodge Charger leaving 2424 Elliot Avenue. PBI detectives attempted to follow the vehicle to further the investigation into Glover and Walker’s criminal enterprise, but detectives had a difficult time following the vehicle as the operator was conducting “heat checks” - driving around the same city block twice using evasive maneuvers by making abrupt turns an unsafe lane changes. Since the PBI detectives had exhausted all conventional means of surveillance on this vehicle, a search warrant for a GPS tracking device to be installed on the vehicle was applied for and approved.

January 10, 2020

LMPD Tech Unit installs a GPS tracking device on the red Dodge Charger from January 12 through January 31. The data from the GPS tracking device shows the vehicle went to Taylor's home at 3003 Springfield Drive on six different occasions.

January 16, 2020

PBI detectives observed Jamarcus Glover, operating the red 2017 Dodge Charger, arrive at 3003 Springfield Drive. Detectives observed Jamarcus Glover walk directly into apt #4, and after a short period of time, Glover was observed exiting the apartment with a suspected USPS package in his right hand. Glover then got back into the red Charger and drove straight to 2605 West Muhammad Ali Blvd. PBI detectives observed numerous short stays, of both pedestrian and vehicles, at 2605 West Muhammad Ali. This was in addition to Glover and his associate's coming and going from the same address. PBI detectives believed 2605 West Muhammad Ali Blvd was a secondary trap house in the narcotics trafficking operation.

February 4, 2020

PBI detectives applied for a second GPS tracking device on the red Charger due to the first warrant expiring. At this point in the investigation, detectives learned the GPS tracker on the red Dodge Charger had made a trip to Biloxi, Mississippi where Jamarcus Glover once held residence. He was suspected to have ties to narcotics trafficking within Mississippi.

February 6, 2020

PBI detectives submit a grand jury subpoena for Jamarcus Glover and Adrian Walker.

February 13, 2020

At approximately 2:27PM, detectives observed, through the pole camera, Jamarcus Glover operating a black Dodge Charger and arriving at 2424 Elliot Ave. Glover went inside the residence. The vehicle is registered to Breonna Taylor at 3003 Springfield Drive apt #4. Approximately 230PM, PBI detectives observed Breonna Taylor get out of the passenger side of the vehicle and look around for a few seconds before returning to the vehicle. At approximately 2:32PM, PBI detectives observed Jamarcus Russell exit 2424 Elliott Ave and get back into his vehicle and leave.

PBI detectives observed, on the pole camera, Breonnna Taylor's black Dodge Charger pull up in front of the house at 2424 Elliott Avenue numerous times at varying hours of the day and night.

February 14, 2020

LMPD Officer Corey Evans tows the red 2017 Dodge Charger from 2605 West Muhammad Ali Blvd due to a parking violation. Jamarcus Glover goes to LMPD's First Division desk clerk and attempts to file a complaint against officer Evans. Jamarcus Glover gave his contact number which is registered to Breonna Taylor. PBI detectives were able to verify through law enforcement database, as of February 20th, Jamarcus Glover used Breonna Taylor's address of 3003 Springfield Drive apt #4 as his permanent residence.

February 24, 2020

PBI detectives receive Jamarcus Glover’s bank records from Chase Bank. These bank statements use 3003 Springfield Drive apt #4, Breonna Taylor's address, as his permanent mailing address.

March 13, 2020

PBI detectives, with the assistance of other Criminal Interdiction Division (CID) detectives and the SWAT team, execute simultaneous search warrants at 2424 Elliot Avenue and 2425 Elliott Avenue and 2426 Elliott Avenue as well as 3003 Springfield Drive apt #4. During a search of 2424 Elliott Avenue, detectives recover a large amount of suspected crack cocaine and suspected fentanyl pills. These were stored inside a Crown Royal bag in a backyard tree of the property that was hidden to avoid detection from law enforcement. PBI detectives also located a large amount of currency, digital scales, and other narcotic trafficking resources within the residence. Pictures were taken of an attempt to destroy suspected cocaine by placing it inside the toilet tank of the residence. Three firearms were recovered from the glove box of a beige 2001 Crown Victoria and one firearm was recovered from a gap to the right of the front porch steps at the vacant House of 2426 Elliott Avenue. Jamarcus Glover, Demarius Bowman, Rayshawn Lee, and Alicia Jones were located at 2424 Elliot Avenue at the time the search warrants were executed. PBI detectives were able to seize all of their individual cell phones and executed search warrants on each. PBI detectives also obtained an LG&E bill (gas and electric) from inside 2424 Elliott Avenue which was listed in Adrian Walker's name. When the search warrant was served at 3003 Springfield Drive apt #4, Breonna Taylor was listed on the Officer Involved Shooting (OIS), resulting in the death of Breonna Taylor. Present inside the apartment at the time of the search warrant being served was Breonna Taylor and Kenneth Walker. The Public Integrity Unit (PIU) responded to the scene and took over the investigation.

PBI detectives had assigned a search warrant for 2605 West Muhammad Ali Blvd, but due to the officer involved shooting and limited resources the warrant was unable to be served.

March 13, 2020 Kenneth Walker calls an unidentified male..

Walker’s friend suggests Jamarcus Glover and Breonna Taylor were still seeing one another. Walker confirms he is aware of the rumor.

March 13, 2020

Jamarcus Glover calls his child’s mother, Kiera Bradley, from the booking office. “Chop” is Glover’s nickname..

Bradley to Glover: “Chop, that girl got killed over you.”

Glover to Bradley: “Why would you say that s**t over me though. All my mail in s**t. My mail and s**t. It ain't got nothing to do Bree’s house.

Bradley to Glover: “But no. Remember you have that bank statement in that other box and you leave that s**t behind for them to hit your house in that. Putting two and two together. Come on, Chop. The way you move.”

Bradley to Glover: “That's what they find out when they got an investigation on a m*****f****r , they gonna find out everything.”

Glover to Bradley: “At the end of the day it's all bull***t it's some sugar for some spaghetti we ate.

Call 927

Glover calls Bradley from the booking offices...

Bradley to Glover: “They know that me and you hadn't been f*****g around . That's probably why they didn't come to my house. But I feel like, Chop, if they know it's my house, why the f**k wouldn't they have a search warrant?”

Glover to Bradley: “They know I was there before. They would have came in there.”

Bradley to Glover: “Did you tell them it was your baby momma's house? Well then why the f**k are you putting me on this m****f*****g case 'cause you the one that they want. I don't know how much it's going to take for you to know that you were the one they want, Chop.”

Glover to Bradley: “I'm hurt. My name getting called about Bree's death. This n***a Kenneth Walker In jail. This n***a got Bree dead. At the end of the day it was not my fault. it's this n***a’s fault that's in here. The reason why it happened, the n***a is sitting right here.“

Bradley to Glover: You've got to stop moving so messy. You were the one that they want.”

Call 1307

Glover calls Bradley from his dormitory..

Bradley to Glover: “So where is your money at?”

Glover to Bradley: “Where's my money at? Bree had like 8 grand ($8,000).

Bradley to Glover: “Bree had 8 grand of your money?”

Glover to Bradley: “Yeah.”

Glover responds to an unknown male that joins the call..

Glover: “Tell cuz Bree got down like 15 grand ($15,000). She had the 8 grand I gave her the other day and she picked up another six grand ($6,000).”

Bradley and Glover begin arguing over him not being honest and having money at other houses..

Glover to Bradley: “This is what you got to understand. Don't take it wrong, but Bree been handling all my money. She been handling my money. She been handling s**t for me and Cuz. It ain't Just me.

Bradley to Glover: “But, I mean, she should at least tell you where your money is, Chop.”

Glover to Bradley: “I can't talk to you on this phone, but I will tell you exactly the reason why.”

Bradley to Glover: “She should tell you where your money is. When you got money at the house, I tell you exactly where it is.”

Glover to Bradley: “It's no problem, I can walk in that house, Bree’s house, and go directly to whatever and it is no problem with it.”

Bradley to Glover: “This b***h, Breonna Taylor, where she's been with you since you ain't been over at my house? The same day you post a picture, I guess she post a video? You know, you knew it because she said what's up? She was in the bed with you, you kissing all over her . This s**t is embarrassing.

Call 1627

Glover calls Bradley from his dormitory..

Bradley to Glover: “It ain't even really about Bree, because I already know. M***** f*****s done already gave me the blueprint on everything. I know she was f*****g with you. You bounce back and forth between these b*****s and I'm not doing none of that. It's messy period. That could have been me bro.

Glover to Bradley: “Could have been you because you around a n****a?”

Bradley to Glover: “No. Because I'm around you. You bring mess on yourself. You think a m****f*****r trying to criticize. You bring s**t on yourself like this messiness. It is how you move. How you're so flamboyant. How you putting s**t out. I don't even know what I got myself into. You want me to text your side b***h Rica? She got gas to get up there to you? You act like a m***** f****r can't be mad. I got your daughter and you tell me you got money somewhere else when you're out here risking your life and your freedom every m***** f*****g day. Like I can call Bree and ask Bree to do anything for my daughter.”

Bradley and Glover continue arguing about how Glover hasn't seen his daughter in weeks.

Glover to Bradley: “It don't matter. I ain't been at nobody's house. I've been at the trap.”

Call 1720

Glover calls Adrian Walker from his dormitory…

Glover to Walker: “I just watched the news, n***a. They try and act like they had a search warrant for Bree’s house too.”

Walker to Glover: “I know. The only thing I can figure out is they check that license plate. They've been putting an investigation on a m****f*****r.

Glover to Walker: “That man tell me, I watched you leave your baby momma's house. Alright if you watched me leave my baby momma's house, why would you execute a warrant at Bree’s house? Bree got that Charger and all this s**t. Bree’s paper trail makes sense for everything she got though.

Glover to Walker: “I don't understand how they serve a warrant for Bree’s house when nothing ties me to Bree’s house at all except these bonds?”

Walker to Glover: “Bonds and cars and 2016 (Bowman murder). It's just ties though. Look at the ties since 2016. Ever since Rambo Bowman. And the camera right there they see a m****f*****r pull up.

Glover to Walker: “Yeah, she (Breonna Taylor) was out there the top of the week before I went to court.”

Walker to Glover: “They didn't even have to see her pull up, all they had to do is see that license plate. They done put two and two together. Then on top of that they go over there and find money.”

Glover to Walker: “No. Bree don't, Bree don't, Bree don't. Bro, you know how Bree do. They didn't find nothing in her house.”

Walker to Glover: “I thought you said they found some money over there?”

Glover to Walker: “It was there. It was there. It was there. They didn't do nothing though and that's the problem. Kenneth said ain't none of that go on.”

Glover to Walker: “Kenneth said that none of that go on. He said homicide came straight on the scene and they went to packaging Bree and they left.”

Walker to Glover: “She was in the hallway?”

Glover to Walker: “In the hallway, n***a.”

Walker to Glover: “That's just so sad, bruh”

Glover to Walker: “Yeah. We (Taylor and Glover) had texted that day, though big dawg. That's the thing. We text that day, n***a. On my life, she text me and ask me when this stuff coming in for my car. I'm sending everything to her. We on good terms to where she makes sure she gets her s**t. She done started f*****g with Kenneth , so I'm playing the player. She gonna get tired of this s**t 'cause she always do. I let her do her thing. I can show my phone, I ain’t been talking to her at all, but she text yesterday out of the blue when this stuff coming in. I was like I don't know. I'm gonna let you know but they done took the money. I sent the tracking information to her. Then she told me I had a hoodie and s**t come in she told me that s**t come in n***a on everything.”

Call 1758

Glover calls Bradley from his dormitory…

Bradley to Glover: “You had Bree's car on Valentine's Day. We weren't together. You don't care about nothing but the money.”

This matches what PBI detectives observed from the pole camera on February 13th. Jamarcus Glover arrived at 2424 Elliott Avenue driving Taylor’s black Charger. When Glover went inside the residence, Breonna Taylor was observed getting out of the passenger seat for a few seconds and then getting back into the vehicle.

Call 2127

Glover calls Bradley from his dormitory..

Bradley to Glover: “They got Bree's address on all your stuff. When I was bonding you out, that's your address.”

Glover to Bradley: “Bree had me on a bond already. She had my bond from old cases, not that 2018 s**t. That old s**t. She did big D (Adrian Walker) bond when big D was in jail. I don't know her address on all my paperwork. They got that address long time ago in 2016 and when I was just staying with her then.”

Bradley to Glover: “They watching you. You have to stop thinking about yourself. You acting like you're from Kentucky. This is not where you're from. You are the main target. Who are you trying to be, Scarface?”

Glover is now told that Breonna Taylor's family will be assisting with Kenneth Walker getting out of jail - and he's upset..

Glover to Bradley: “How you going to bond that man out of jail? This s**t happened because of this n***a, Kenneth Walker. He fired shots at the police.”

Bradley starts arguing with Glover over the scenario of the police actually arriving at her house instead of Taylor’s home. Glover cuts off Bradley and simply says, “Bree, Bree, Bree.”

Bradley responds to Glover: “I'm Kiera , I'm Kiera.”

Glover to Bradley: “This is why I keep all of this s**t away from my house. I don't bring no police to my house.”

Call 452

Demarius Bowman calls his sister Kamya Bowman from booking..

K Bowman to D Bowman: “They said they got 6 bags, a gun out of Chop’s car (Jamarcus Glover). That $20,000.”

Call 1607

D Bowman to K Bowman: “The police officers know more than what a n***a think he knows.”

K Bowman 2D Bowman: “Was that Chop’s address, Breonna's house?”

D Bowman to K Bowman: “Hell, no.”

Kamya Bowman to D Bowman: “It's got to be because they was going to Breonna’s. The narcotics was going to Breonna's. It's on the news. They were going to Breonna's house to serve somebody a search warrant and they said somebody shot from inside and they shot back inside. They sent the police to the hospital and the person they shot inside was killed.”

D Bowman to K Bowman: “Walker let that girl die in her own house."

Call 0922

Rayshawn Lee calls Dominique Crenshaw from booking...

Lee says to Crenshaw: “He (Kenneth Walker) shot at the m****f***g door. He got her killed.”

Call 0950

Rayshawn Lee calls his child’s mother Shantana Latoya Brown from the dormitory..

Lee to Brown: “They killed my n****’s girl, last night. They raided her house. N***a (Kenneth Walker) over there. He get to shooting. Then they get to shooting and he ducks off and go hide. He left her in the hallway by herself to take all them f*****g bullets. They hit that girl 7 times, twice in the head.”

April 2, 2020

PBI detectives executed a search warrant on Jamarcus Glover, Rayshawn Lee, Alicia Jones, and Demarius Bowman’s cell phones that were seized on March 13th. Jamarcus Glover’s cell phone had evidence of narcotic trafficking as well as an association with Breonna Taylor. Included screenshot of an AT&T bill paid with her name on it. Rayshawn Lee cell phone had evidence of narcotics trafficking from the 2424 Elliot Avenue address via text messages.

April 22, 2020

PBI detectives executed a warrant on an order to vacate (OTV) at 2424 Elliott Avenue. Shortly before the warrant was executed, Jamarcus Glover, Rayshawn Lee and Demarius Bowman were all seen leaving the residence in their respective vehicles. When the warrant was executed, Anthony Taylor II was seen inside the residence and attempted to flee out the back of the residence. Mr Taylor was apprehended in the alley behind the residence. Search of the residence yielded another significant amount of suspected crack cocaine, a large bag of suspected MDMA, marijuana, and assorted drug paraphernalia indicative of narcotics trafficking.

Before PBI detectives were done searching the residence, other detectives within CID were able to apprehend Demarious Bowman and Rayshawn Lee to bring them back to 2424 Elliot Avenue. Demerius Bowman was apprehended leaving 2605 West Muhammad Ali Blvd and had a significant amount of US currency on his person and in his vehicle. Rayshawn Lee was apprehended on the lot of Dino's at 2601 West Broadway. Anthony Taylor II, Demarius Bowman and Rayshawn Lee were all arrested and charged accordingly. Jamarcus Glover was arrested the following day, April 23rd, in the same vehicle he was seen leaving 2424 Elliott Avenue. PBI detectives were able to seize all individual cell phones and executed search warrants on each phone. With the assistance of Louisville Metro codes and regulations 2424 Elliot was officially vacated in boarded up.

May 13, 2020

Breonna Taylor's family civil attorney, Sam Aguiar, stated in an article published by ABC News that Breonna Taylor was "still friendly and accepted packages" for Glover at her house.

May 16, 2020

The Courier Journal published an article stating police search records from Breonna Taylor's apartment, after her death, show that police officers collected Glover's mail from inside Taylor’s purse, along with a letter from him found in the east bedroom.